Top 5 most traumatic industries in Russia

Rank in Type of economic activity Number of insurance claims per thousand employees Number of days of temporary disability per accident recognized as insurance, excluding fatalities
1 Extraction, processing and agglomeration of hard coal 40,09 95,43
2 Brown coal mining by underground method 35,11 93,2
3 Extraction and processing of aluminum-containing raw materials( bauxite and nepheline-apatite ore) 30.92 177.76
4 Production of cryolite andaluminum oxide 25,62 232,5
5 Extraction of hard coal by underground method 23,45 129,26
22 Activity of the prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation 6,94 34,4
33 Regulation of cash circulation 5,79 32,41
95 Public mail activity 3,38 42,34
154 Other activities of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation 2,64 35,2
168 Activity of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation 2,58 22
184 Collection of forest mushrooms and truffles 2,46 201
207 Insurancefinancial risks 2.35 9
328 Proceedings 1.74 40,07
335 Activity of circuses 1,68 81,96
343 Activities of plenipotentiaries of the President of the Russian Federation in the regions and territorial bodies of federal executive bodies in the subjects of the Russian Federation( republics, territories, regions) 1.66 36.4
406 Activities for the management and operation of prisons, penitentiary facilities and other places of detention, as well as for the provision of rehabilitation assistance to former prisoners 1.45 43.39
424 Activity CentralBank of the Russian Federation 1.38 45,68
445 Activity management in basic research 1,29 56
466 Activity in the field of sport 1,23 47,97
488 Provision of public services to the community as a whole 1,19 42,16
547 Activities of federal specialized security and safety services 1,03 57,03
549 Activities in the field of justice and justice 1,03 49,36
572 Activities of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation 0,99 37
592 Public opinion survey activities 0,95 21.86
620 Launch of space objects to outer space 0.88 88.73
645 Public administration of general nature 0,84 49,46
744 Federal courier service activities 0,67 11
786 Capital investments in 0,6 78,53
841 Activity on determination of mutual obligations( clearing) 0,53 27
952 Physical culture and sports activities,improving activity 0,39 61,7
1657 Wholesale of floor coverings 0 0
1658 Extraction of precious and semiprecious stones;extraction of natural abrasives, pumice, asbestos, mica, quartz and other nonmetallic minerals not included in other groupings 0 0
1659 Extraction, concentration and agglomeration of lignite coal 0 0
1660 Activity in the preparation of cartographic and space information, including aerial photography 0 0
1661 Activity of agents in wholesale trade of ores 0 0

When you are in a bright and cozy office, the greatest danger to health is to spill coffee or tea. But there are occupations associated with a greater risk of injury. Below, we quote as the top 5 most traumatic production in Russia .It is based on the data of the Social Insurance Fund. The list will allow employers to claim the discounts when making contributions to compulsory insurance of employees against accidents and prof.diseases.


  • 5. Mining of underground coal
  • 4. Production of cryolite and aluminum fluoride
  • 3. Extraction and processing of bauxite and nepheline-apatite ores
  • 2. Extraction of brown coal by underground method
  • 1. Extraction, enrichment and agglomeration of hard coal
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5. Mining of coal by underground method

Number of insurance cases per thousand employees - 23.45

Coal is one of the most demanded minerals on Earth. With the depth of the coal bed up to 100 meters, the development is conducted in an open manner. When bedding of coal seams at great depth, coal is mined in a closed, underground way."At the output" receive high quality coal, moreover, the underground mining method produces less damage to the environment. But this is the most dangerous way of mining( in particular, because of collapse of structures and banal violation of safety rules, which are "written in blood").And it requires large financial investments.

4. Production of cryolite and aluminum fluoride

Number of insurance claims per thousand employees - 25.62

Mineral deposits called "cryolite" are very rare. It is necessary for the production of aluminum by an electrolytic process, and is also used in the production of glass, hydrofluoric acid and enamels. Because of the rarity of cryolite, most of it is synthetically produced. Inhale, apply to the eyes and skin, much less to swallow cryolite - dangerous for life.

Fluoride aluminum is toxic and its dust or aerosol can cause serious poisoning if ingested.

3. Extraction and processing of bauxite and nepheline-apatite ores

Thousands of workers have 30.92 insurance cases

Bauxite is the most important aluminum ore. On it, with rare exceptions, the world aluminum industry is based. Usually mined by open, and rarely by underground methods.

After bauxite, second place in the importance of industrial importance is given to nepheline-apatite ores. They also refer to the type of aluminum raw materials. Baxit and nepheline-apatite ore deposits are often explosive, including due to a violation of safety regulations.

2. Brown coal mining by underground method

Number of insurance claims per thousand employees - 35.11

Brown coal is less valuable than stone, but its deposits are larger and they are closer to the surface. It is a sedimentary rock that was formed during the decomposition of ancient horsetails, plaques, tree ferns, horsetails and flocks and the first gymnosperms. The largest Russian deposit of brown coal is the Solton deposit. According to Rostekhnadzor, the most frequent causes of accidents during underground operations are the failure of machinery and machinery, the explosion of methane and the collapse of the rock mass.

1. Extraction, enrichment and agglomeration of hard coal

Number of insured events per thousand employees - 40,09

Tops the rating of traumatic production. Specialists from this field of activity most often risk health and life and until the moment when machines completely replace man's work in mines, it is still very far away.

And the safest, according to the FSS, are 276 productions, including breeding earthworms, laboratory and domestic animals, growing nuts, fruits and tobacco.

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