New cars are more readily bought in Moscow

After 7 months of this year, 781,605 new cars were sold in all regional markets. According to the analytical data, the share of the capital and Moscow region was about 25%.Although the total statistics of the number of new cars sold, does not please dealers at all.

"Foreigners" of the domestic assembly "win" the car market

The choice in front of the motorist is wide - the main thing is to decide on the desired brand of the car. Catalog of major automobile portals will help you to find the most tempting option. In September, according to Auto-search, more than 100,000 offers to buy a new car in Moscow and the region. Dealers actively attract customers, using discounts, lending, and profitable shares.

Asked to purchase a new car, the buyer, according to experts, this year spends from 6 months to make a final decision. He weighs the level of his income, then compares with the cost of the car, service, fuel costs, spare parts. Foreign cars attracted by domestic factories are attractive here. According to the popular magazine "WHEELS", 57% of the market for new cars is just for such cars. This is more than 410 000 vehicles.

The capital prefers expensive foreign cars

An interesting feature of the Moscow car market is the regular demand for expensive cars. The appreciation of the ruble against the dollar has led to the fact that potential buyers who keep money in foreign currency have won a lot. For them, the prices of elite cars have become more affordable 2 times. Motorists are happy to replace their vehicle with a new one - more expensive. The rise in prices of a number of automakers had little impact on the cost of the most expensive cars.

According to the experts of the car market, in the autumn of this year the Russian prices of the premium segment are significantly lower than in some European countries. This explains the visit by foreign buyers of Moscow car dealerships. Europeans, given the cost of transportation, it is beneficial to buy expensive premium cars.