Top 3 easy and convenient ways to order a taxi

Since the inhabitants of the modern metropolis live in constant movement, they need to move around the city quickly even during rush hours. Of course, you can find here a lot of different services, and their number grows every year. Which one to choose and how to order a taxi?


  • Which service should I contact?
  • How can I order a taxi?
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Which service should I contact?

Not so long ago the service "Zebra" appeared - it is a federal network that actively works not only in Russia, but also in Kazakhstan. Service has already managed to prove itself from the best side and does not stop there. This service constantly improves the quality of the services provided, thanks to which there are more and more positive responses from passengers.

How can I order a taxi?


The most familiar and familiar way to everyone is to call the specified number. Polite operators are always ready to answer questions and quickly fill out an application. As the tariff plans become more and more, you can choose the most favorable conditions for yourself. If you have a discount card, then as a pleasant bonus you will get a significant discount.


However, waiting for a response operator sometimes takes a little longer than you would like. And in that case, the best way out is by ordering a taxi online. You can enter the necessary information for registration on the official website of the taxi "Zebra", which also has a mobile version, so that it is equally enjoyable to use in any conditions. All you need is to fill in a short form, specifying your phone number and addresses of the start and end points. In addition, you can leave comments with suggestions that the appointed car as much as possible meets your needs.


Another great way is to download an application for calling a taxi, it works on Android and iOS platforms. This method is not only modern and convenient, but also the fastest. The principle of filling the form is the same as on the site. In addition, the mobile application can automatically determine your address. This greatly speeds up the process when you do not know your exact location.

The most comfortable ways of registering an application are a significant advantage of Zebra. Another nice feature is that when online registration of the application, it will automatically belong to the VIP category, respectively, the speed of its execution will be higher.

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