Rating of the best gels for washing

Living at a fast urban pace is hard enough to keep your face clean and moisturized. There is a large number of cleansers for the face: soap, scrubs, all kinds of moisturizing lotions and others. But the most actual at the moment is a remedy called gel for washing. The main advantage of the gel for washing is that it simultaneously combines cleansing and moisturizing.

So, what gels for washing are better to clean and moisturize the skin?


  • Top 5 best gels for washing
    • 5. Ideal skin gel from Clean line
    • 4. Thermo-gel "deep cleansing" of face Nivea
    • 3. Cleansing gel Hydrafresh Instant Freshness Foaming Gel by L'Oreal
    • 2. Facial gelPure Calmille by Yves Rocher
    • 1. Gel-mousse for face from Planeta Organica

Top 5 best gels for washing

5. Ideal skin gel from Net line

Producer of the best hair shampoos, offers an excellent solution for facial skin,gel "Ideal skin".One of the main advantages of this gel for washing is its budget price. This, of course, very happy. The manufacturer guarantees a deep cleansing of the face without dryness and tightness. In addition, this gel will be effective enough in the fight against skin rashes.

4. Thermo-gel "deep cleansing" of the face Nivea

Despite the fact that the name of this remedy indicates the characteristic "deep cleansing", the gel acts very carefully and does not tighten the skin, in other words it can be used daily. The principle of use is simple enough: apply on the face, beforehand having poured it with water and rub it with massaging movements, while the cream warms up, then wash off. The product easily foams and cleanses the skin, after which the face looks clean and fresh.

3. Cleansing gel Hydrafresh Instant Freshness Foaming Gel by L'Oreal

This gel perfectly copes with the task of cleansing and moisturizing the skin. In addition, it contains a complex of vitamins and minerals, which favorably affects the complexion. Its advantages also include a light, pleasant smell and economical packaging. Thus, this is one of the best options for people with normal and dry skin, which especially needs moisturizing.

2. Facial gel Pure Calmille by Yves Rocher

Transparent with a delicate texture, made with the use of chamomile extract, gently smoothes the make-up from the face and perfectly cleanses the skin. This product has an unobtrusive aroma and a soft consistency.

1. Gel-mousse for the face from Planeta Organica

The main advantage of this gel is the completely natural ingredients that make up its composition. This tool is very economical in use, since the gel itself is thick enough and to clear the entire surface of the face is enough just a drop of the agent. In addition, the gel smells pleasantly with orange oil, it is easily washed off and does not dry the skin. Thus, if your goal is a clean, not over-dried, pleasantly smelling skin without redness, then this means, heading the rating of gels for washing, is most likely to suit you.