Supports for cooking and eating eggs food: how to call, how to use a cooking stand as is, from glasses for eggs

Stand an egg was an essential attribute of persons of blue blood meal 18-19 centuries, but although passed a few centuries, this tool is still speaks of the aristocracy and the availability of good manners in his owner.

Stand for eggs has been a popular subject on the table of the nobility in the 18-19 century.

Moreover, the dishes for eggs used not only for breakfast but also for storage and cooking of this fragile product.

In ancient times, to eat poached egg at breakfast was considered good form and recommended by doctors.


  • 1 What is the name stand for eggs
  • 2 What is the stand an egg
  • 3 How to eat eggs from the cradle
  • 4 forms supports
  • 5 Materials egg glasses and coasters for cooking eggs
    • 5.1 Stainless steel
    • 5.2 Plastic
    • 5.3 silicone
  • 6 Known brands, manufacturers stands for eggs
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  • 8 VIDEO: Stand for Easter eggs with his hands.

What is the name stand for eggs

If you ask the name stands for soft-boiled eggs in the average inhabitant of the country, it is unlikely to give answer to this question. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the bourgeois elite was destroyed in the early 20th century in Russia, It has always been such a device for the early meal, and ordinary people about it and do not even I guessed. But despite the occasional use and not very popular these days, this cookware has several names: egg-cup, pashotnitsa, podyaichnitsa.

This item does not have an exact name in our country: egg-cup, a support for eggs, pashotnitsa, podyaichnitsa, but is still a sign of good, expensive restaurant.

It is important to note the fact that the huge demand for special holders for eggs, especially when Easter comes. The people they are called "holders", but there is also a container: coasters, which have several tiers.

Painted eggs are very elegant look on the holiday table, and if they apply for the stands, then they will look much more spectacular.

What is the stand an egg

Since the technology does not stop, it was invented and specific tools to simplify the process of sealing the product. Its essence lies in the following: egg placed in a hole or recess (depending on the stylistic design) designs and deepen in water.

Eggs are not knocked together during the cooking of each other - respectively, and do not crack.

When the cooking time has elapsed, when the handle stand is removed from the pot with the liquid. An additional would be clarified and that the unit with the grooves under the product has special holes (usually three) to all the hot water can drain out.

After cooking the eggs, this accessory can serve as a stand for them.

This kind of stand an egg has its advantages:

  1. It decreases the risk that the product will crack and will spread as it firmly clamped in the fixture.
  2. The eggs do not need to catch a spoon or something else after cooking or draining the pan with hot water. Simply use a pen stand and just move it in a container of cold water, or simply leave to cool.
  3. This inventory eggs can simply be stored without cooking.
  4. There is no risk of burning the fingers.

The dish looks appetizing, thanks to this bright and beautiful accessories.

How to eat eggs from the cradle

There are soft-boiled eggs in special glasses - a requirement of etiquette, so each would be useful to know some of the rules of use of this product.

Going on a business dinner or a business lunch in a restaurant on vacation, many are not even aware that there is an egg etiquette.

The obtained product is placed in a glass fine-tipped up and using a teaspoon split shell. If the protein proved to be solid, it is cut with a special knife and optionally add spices. Meals continue that same spoon.

Egg easier to break if it is necessary to stand the sharp side up.

It must be remembered also that sometimes the protein may be a crust. Her touch teaspoon impossible, as the yolk can flow out not very successful way. In such a case you should remove it carefully with a knife and put on a special plate waste.

I need a little clean up the egg, so as to have access to its contents, which eat small spoon.

forms supports

If we take into account pashotnitsy, they usually do not differ in their diversity, as are made on the shape of an egg. But their design registration still allows the buyer to purchase the original dishes, based on their preferences.

Beautiful silver stand with spoons Egg.

Paying attention to other types of supports for the product in the refrigerator, then distinguished:

  • square;
  • rectangular;
  • round;
  • in the form of a triangle;
  • in the form of images of animals or plants.

The apparent simplicity of the starting point for the imagination of designers.

Materials egg glasses and coasters for cooking eggs

Today's market can offer a huge range of equipment for cooking eggs, and for a meal of this kind of food, and paying attention to the materials from which made such dishes, they can also boast of its diversity.

Egg cups made of ceramics.

For manufacturing pashotnits most commonly used:

  • ceramics;
  • crystal;
  • china;
  • metal.

Metal spiral egg cups.

Egg glasses of such materials often accompanied by fanciful and original design, which can significantly increase the cost of production.

Vintage silver stand for boiled eggs.

Given the usual stand, in which the eggs are cooked, they are from:

  • of stainless steel;
  • silicone;
  • plastic.

Stand an egg will save you from embarrassment and reduce the danger of getting burned.

Each of this type of material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Stainless steel

This kind of metal since ancient times is in great demand because of the strength and durability, so in our time housewives often make their choice in favor of the steel supports for the eggs. Such utensils firmly holds the egg in its design that prevents them from slipping.

Steel holders are very difficult to bend or damage, indicating that their long service.

The disadvantage of a stainless steel stand can be called only by its cost, which is slightly higher than other types of material.

Stand of steel eggs will serve you longer than other analogs.


This type of material is in great demand because of the affordable price. Just such a surprising dishes wide range of colors and original, and sometimes hilarious design. Plastic is not amenable to high temperatures and easy to clean. Also, a series of such material Rice Cooker, you can cook the product without shell.

Simple and very convenient stand for boiled eggs.

Despite the positive features, flaws in the plastic is: it can be easily trauma, which shortens the life of the product. If in the Rice Cooker it was an egg without the shell, then after the break, such a product is likely to be thrown out because of a splinter in the food.

Decorative plastic stands for cooked eggs.


Silicone is considered to be the new raw material in the production of tableware and kitchen utensils. This material is flexible, durable, does not emit hazardous chemicals and pretty cheap.

Silicone Stand for easy care.

The bad side of silicone products can be called not a very long service and the possibility of poor appearance after prolonged use.

For hard boiled eggs stand desirable, but not required, but for welded soft-boiled stand must be.

Known brands, manufacturers stands for eggs

In our time, the buyer is offered a huge number of manufacturers that are its specialization in the manufacture of cookware eggs. If you look at countries that this includes: Turkey, Italy, China, Russia and others.

Original branded stand for boiled eggs.

Check the statistics of sales of a particular brand, the consumers are in great demand:

  • Pasabahce;
  • Ens;
  • Regent Inox;
  • lorain;

Stand for a boiled egg in the form of a rabbit.


Knowing about the beneficial qualities of the eggs to the body, some manufacturers have decided to use this information for their own purposes and to earn money by simplifying and so easy process- eggs cooking. It is difficult to say about the feasibility of such dishes, because each must decide for himself. But it is necessary to thank the producers for the fact that they are returned to the mass of all the forgotten tradition to eat eggs on a special support.

Such a simple, seemingly thing - stand for boiled eggs. And how many options!

VIDEO: Stand for Easter eggs with his hands.