Rating of hotels in Russia, the best hotels of 2015

The choice of a comfortable and suitable hotel is an important business and does not require fuss. One mistake - and the long-awaited vacation will be irrevocably ruined.

We present to you the best hotels of Russia , the list( Top-25) compiled on the basis of travelers' reviews on the TripAdvisor website.

Photo of hotels, descriptions and titles are valid on 06.07.2015.

We also offer a look at the rating of the best hotels in the world for 2015.


  • 25. Radisson Blu Paradise, Adler, Sochi
  • 24. Grand Hotel Vidgof, Chelyabinsk
  • 23. "Mergen Bator", Ulan-Ude
  • 22. Red Stars, St. Petersburg
  • 21. Radisson Royal, Moscow
  • 20. Hilton Garden Inn, Krasnodar
  • 19. "Indigo", St. Petersburg
  • 18. Grand Hotel Europe, St. Petersburg
  • 17. Radisson Blu, Chelyabinsk
  • 16. Mercure Arbat, Moscow
  • 15. TheRitz-Carlton, Moscow
  • 14. Astoria, St. Petersburg
  • 13. Citrus, Adler
  • 12. Mercure at Baumanskaya, Moscow
  • 11. InterContinental, Moscow
  • 10. Ararat Park Hyatt, Moscow
  • 9. Swissotel, Moscowand
  • 8. Pushka Inn, St. Petersburg
  • 7. Radisson, Kaliningrad
  • 6. Domina Prestige, St. Petersburg
  • 5. Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace, St. Petersburg
  • 4. Ramada, Kazan
  • 3. Of.hotel gos. Hermitage, St. Petersburg
  • 2. Hyatt Regency, Yekaterinburg
  • 1. Lotte Hotel, Moscow

25. Radisson Blu Paradise, Adler, Sochi

Opens the list of the best hotels in Russia in 2015.Radisson Blu Paradise has its own beach on the sea, a beautiful spa and swimming pool.

24. Grand Hotel Vidgof, Chelyabinsk

This hotel is by far superior to many popular European hotels and is suitable both for carefree holidays and for conferences at the highest level.

23. "Mergen Bator", Ulan-Ude

Included in the rating of hotels in Russia and the list of the best five-star hotels in Siberia and the Far East. The hotel has everything - a hall, a business center, a panoramic restaurant with a view of the city.

22. Red Stars, St. Petersburg

An ideal place for weddings: a top-notch service, a great restaurant, a courteous and courteous staff.

21. Radisson Royal, Moscow

One of the best hotels in Russia enjoys well-deserved popularity with travelers of Europeans due to the quality of service.

20. Hilton Garden Inn, Krasnodar

The Hilton hotel in Russia is located right in the center of Krasnodar. Everything is at the highest level: service, location, food quality, free Wi-Fi.

19. "Indigo", St. Petersburg

This place has a special, very pleasant atmosphere, worthy of the cultural capital. On the ground floor in the lobby of the guests are informed about cultural events in the city.

18. Grand Hotel Europe, St. Petersburg

Excellent choice for wedding planning - excellent entourage, chic breakfast, convenient location.

17. Radisson Blu, Chelyabinsk

A good hotel is one of the best places in the city for a comfortable stay. The restaurant of German cuisine, gym, swimming pool, Finnish and Turkish saunas - all you need to please the soul and body.

16. Mercure "Arbat", Moscow

The hotel is located in the very center, but the rooms are beautifully soundproofed - nothing will prevent a comfortable sleep. Popular among foreigners.

15. The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow

The 5-star hotel is located directly at the Red Square. For those wishing to spend a memorable weekend - the best choice.

14. Astoria, St. Petersburg

Luxury and comfort are perfectly combined here, from the windows of which you can admire the St. Isaac's Cathedral. For the first time the hotel doors opened for guests in 1912.Sergei Yesenin, Mikhail Bulgakov and other eminent people of Russia stayed in it.

13. Citrus, Adler

This hotel on the Black Sea is an excellent value for money. For the convenience of its guests, it provides a free transfer from the airport and back.

12. Mercure on Baumanskaya, Moscow

Cozy hotel with friendly staff. The level of service and quality of numbers is a worthy representative of the Mercure network in Russia.

11. InterContinental, Moscow

An excellent choice for a business trip - the main business centers are not far away.

10. "Ararat Park Hyatt", Moscow

Conveniently located in the city center. Comfortable and solid rooms, excellent food, good drinks.

9. Swissotel, Moscow

The windows of this expensive hotel offer a panoramic view of the capital. And on the roof there is a wonderful bar, where just magic cocktails are prepared.

8. Pushka Inn, St. Petersburg

Very conveniently located place( in the historical center of the city, a few meters from the Palace Square).Luxurious interior, smiling and polite workers, clean and comfortable rooms make the hotel a desirable place for holidaymakers with children.

7. Radisson, Kaliningrad

Excellent business hotel for business travelers.

6. Domina Prestige, St. Petersburg

According to visitors, in such a hotel you want to come back again and again. The best place in the Northern capital for the price-quality ratio.

5. Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace, St. Petersburg

A real gem among hotels in Russia. A perfect place, where everything is - beautiful interior, friendly and helpful staff, great food.

4. "Ramada", Kazan

An excellent place to travel to Kazan, where everything is perfect - from check-in and ending with a check-out.

3. Of.hotel gos.the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

A luxurious guesthouse with excellent service, from where on the regular shuttle you can go to the Hermitage and back.

2. Hyatt Regency, Yekaterinburg

Excellent location, spacious rooms, two restaurants, a swimming pool, a nightclub, a spa and a flexible discount system ensured him the reputation of the best hotel in Yekaterinburg and the second in Russia.

1. Lotte Hotel, Moscow

Top 25 best Russian hotels are headed by a luxurious modern institution, which is located on the Boulevard Ring. Huge rooms, friendly staff, breakfast buffet for every taste, gym and spa. Hurry up to book a hotel before it's too late!