Hotel charts for the world's finest hotels in 2016

The rating of hotels in the world is intended for those who appreciate quality and are ready to pay for it. The list includes the best hotels in the world( with photo), selected according to the information provided on TopHotels - one of the most authoritative tourist sites on the RuNet.

Hotel ratings for 2016:

  • Best hotels in the world
  • Best hotels in Bulgaria
  • Best hotels in Greece
  • Best hotels in Pattaya
  • Best Hotels in Cyprus
  • Best Hotels in Thailand


  • 15. Delphin De Luxe Resort 5 *
  • 14. Sunrise Nha Trang Beach Hotel&Spa 5 *
  • 13. Iberostar Varadero 5 *
  • 12. Riu Palace Las Americas 5 *
  • 11. Regnum Carya Golf &Spa 5 *
  • 10. Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort 5 *
  • 9. Aydinbey Kings Palace &Spa 5 *
  • 8. Commodore Elite Suites &Spa 5 *
  • 7. Four Seasons 5 *
  • 6. Barut Lara 5 *
  • 5. Atlantica Imperial Resort 5 *
  • 4. The Leela Goa 5 *
  • 3. The Westin Resort Nusa Dua 5 *
  • 2. Grosvenor House, aLuxury Collection Hotel Dubai 5 *
  • 1. Sheraton Pattaya Resort 5 *

15. Delphin De Luxe Resort 5 *

Hotel rating: 4,83

The world's top hotel opens one of the Turkish hotels in the resort area of ​​Okurcalar. It is designed for a quiet family holiday. Green territory, excellent service and a varied and tasty menu. There is animation for children and adults.

14. Sunrise Nha Trang Beach Hotel &Spa 5 *

Rating: 4,83

This hotel is located in Nha Trang, one of the most popular resorts in Vietnam. The rooms are spacious, clean, bright, excellent service. There is even a special boy who crosses the road - at first Vietnamese traffic may shock unprepared foreigners.

13. Iberostar Varadero 5 *

Rating: 4,83

Even a long flight does not stop those who wish to visit Cuba and stay at this hotel. The territory of the institution is large, it has a lot of buildings, next to a large beach with a gently sloping entrance to the sea, clean and clear water.

12. Riu Palace Las Americas 5 *

Rating: 4,84

The second representative of the Americas, included in the best hotels in the world - a hotel near Cancun, Mexico, on the Caribbean coast. Excellent service 24/7, a warm and clean sea - all for the delight of the tourist.

11. Regnum Carya Golf &Spa 5 *

Rating: 4,84

The main principle of the hotel, located in Belek, Turkey - luxury. Everything should be the highest level - both numbers, food, service and beach( and prices too).The hotel is new, expensive and perfect for a five-star family holiday.

10. Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort 5 *

Rating: 4,84

Another hotel in Belek, Turkey. In addition to excellent accommodation, service and food worthy of its five stars, the hotel has several distinctive features. For example, free a la carte restaurants, a 24-hour restaurant on the ground floor and concerts of show business stars.

9. Aydinbey Kings Palace &Spa 5 *

Rating: 4,85

This hotel is located in the resort town of Side, close to the beautifully preserved archaeological sites of the ancient period. It is perfect for both couples with children and for the elderly. Animation at a very high level, but not intrusive.

8. Commodore Elite Suites &Spa 5 *

Rating: 4,86 ​​

The second hotel, located in Side, Turkey, follows the concept of "18+".The hotel area is small, but well planned and covered with greenery. Everywhere silence, order and cleanliness, the rooms are spacious and clean. The food is varied and tasty. There is a sports hall, sauna, billiards, indoor heated pool and tennis.

7. Four Seasons 5 *

Rating: 4.86

Four Seasons is located just a few kilometers from Limassol, Cyprus. The beach received an honorary award "Blue Flag" for the ecological purity of the European Community. Nearby there is an abundance of cafes and restaurants. And Four Seasons is praised for the excellent children's animation.

6. Barut Lara 5 *

Rating: 4,86 ​​

Located in the popular resort of Lara, Turkey, this hotel is an excellent place to relax with children( from babies to teenagers).For toddlers there are cribs, baths, a heater for bottles, highchairs, strollers and so on. You can also create a specially designed menu for them. All the rest is at a high level and worthy of its five stars.

5. Atlantica Imperial Resort 5 *

Rating: 4.87

And that's about. Rhodes, Greece. The hotel is on the first line. Buildings of the hotel in 3-4 floors, hotel type, large and comfortable rooms with everything you need. The food is luxurious - milk pigs, ducks, a variety of fish, an abundance of meat cuts of excellent quality. However, the hotel has almost no employees who speak Russian.

4. The Leela Goa 5 *

Rating: 4.87

Enchanting Indian nature, few people will remain indifferent - on the large territory of the hotel there are swimming pools and rivers with lily-covered beaches, a lot of flowering plants and birds. The hotel is located in a quiet area of ​​Goa, on the first line, there is a beach with wonderful white sand. In separate cottages in two or three floors - spacious modern rooms.

3. The Westin Resort Nusa Dua 5 *

Rating: 4.87

On the island of Bali, Indonesia, is the hotel chain Westin, which is included in the best hotels in the world. Its territory is small, but very beautiful - a lot of flowers, a small waterfall and a river with colorful fish. Proteins are so tame that they are eaten by hand. Rooms for Indonesian hotels are very good, but lovers of beach holidays may not like the ebb and flow of algae.

2. Grosvenor House, a Luxury Collection Hotel Dubai 5 *

Rating: 4.93

The second place in the top-15 hotels of the world is the hotel in the largest city of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai. The hotel is designed for those who can pay dearly and want only the very best. True, he does not have his own beach, so vacationers enjoy the nearby beach of the hotel Le Royal Meridien. But the numbers and service do not carp.

1. Sheraton Pattaya Resort 5 *

Rating: 4.95

Who headed the most-most hotels? It is the representative of the largest international hotel chain - Sheraton. The most beautiful hotel is located in Thailand, Pattaya;its small, exquisite building buildings are literally buried in magnificent tropical greenery. The hotel is planned in such a way that despite the constant 100% occupancy, an impression of peace and quiet is created. A great place to relax for adults who want to relax and relax.