Best hotels in Yoshkar-Ola by price / quality ratio

Today Yoshkar-Ola is a dynamically developing city of the Volga region. Here there are many events of completely different thematic orientation, the scale of which sometimes reaches the all-Russian level. The appearance of the city has also changed, which, undoubtedly, pleases the eye. The improvement of the embankment, the construction of architectural objects, the restoration of cultural monuments have received special development in recent years.

Many people come to Yoshkar-Ola not only to get acquainted with the history and beauties of the city, but also within the framework of their work. On business trips there are guests from all over Russia. Increasingly, they can be heard from them that the Red City is like "little Venice".Walking along the embankment of Bruges, you can note this similarity. There is also a small copy of one of the towers of the Moscow Kremlin. Do not list everything - you need to see it with your own eyes. Therefore, recently Ioshkar-Ola has become one of the most interesting cities for tourists.

Where to sleep?

It would seem that in a small town there are few places where you can stop. But this is only the first and deceptive impression. In fact, the capital of Mari El offers a wide choice of hotels and hotels.

Here are the most popular of them:

  1. Boutique Hotel "Stone";
  2. «1-st TRAIN»;
  3. "Ludovico Moreau";
  4. "Virginia";
  5. "Arabica";
  6. Barcelona;
  7. "Eureka";
  8. "Tourist";
  9. "Sayver";
  10. «Globus-hostel» and others.

Hotel services

All of them are great for business meetings, fun holidays with friends or family, romantic dates. In each of these hotels you will definitely find comfortable rooms from the "Standard" class to the "Lux" option and access to the Wi-Fi Internet. As for other entertainment, not all of them have their own entertainment center.

For the most convenience it is important that the hotel is as close to the center as possible, has a number of transport interchanges, shopping centers and attractions. This perfectly saves you time and money for traveling. Alas, not all of the above hotels can boast of their location, only a few are located in the heart of the city.

The boutique hotel "Stone" corresponds to all the quality parameters. It has its own entertainment center, which includes:

  • restaurant;
  • cafe "Terrace";
  • bowling;
  • billiards;
  • 2 dance floors;
  • sauna.

Each of the rooms has its own, different from each other design. The developed infrastructure around the hotel allows you to quickly and conveniently reach anywhere in the city. Boutique Hotel Stone is one of the most famous hotels in Yoshkar-Ola, and it awaits guests from all over Russia!

On the site you can apply for accommodation in the room. Whatever the purpose of your arrival, the boutique hotel "Stone" will create for you the most favorable conditions for work and leisure.