Where to have a better rest in the summer of 2016: Top 5 destinations

According to the forecasts of the tour operator Coral Travel, due to the "temporary blockage" of Turkey and Egypt, for the entire 2016 only 7 million Russian tourists will go abroad. And this is 35% less compared to 2015.But even without the Turkish and Egyptian beauties in the world there are places where it is better to rest in the summer of 2016 .We will tell you about the most popular and budget tourist destinations. Data on the price of the tour( for 1 person) are based on the information of the site 1001Tour.


  • 5. Cuba
  • 4. Vietnam
  • 3. Thailand
  • 2. Greece
  • 1. Crimea

5. Cuba

  • The price of the last-minute tour:( 7 nights, 3-star hotel) - from 60 293 rubles.
  • Money: change the local currency at the local bank for tourist( CUC) to local currency( Peso Cubano).One KUK is equal to 25 local pesos. For this amount you can have lunch at a restaurant twice or buy 4 pizzas in street kiosks. In many Cuban restaurants, prices are in pesos, and food is cheaper than in CUC.

Traveling through one of the most friendly countries of Russia, start with Havana with the juicy sounds of a classical guitar and cars that were released in the middle of the 20th century. Visiting the National Museum of Fine Arts( the largest of the art museums in Cuba), will cost $ 8.

And if you want to buy something for your family as a gift, something inexpensive and exotic, welcome to the flea market. He works on weekends and holidays on the Armory Square( Plaza de Armas).On all sides it is surrounded by beautiful old buildings.

The closest beach to Havana is Santa Maria( 15 km from the city).Here on the white sand rest local people who are friendly to visitors.

4. Vietnam

  • Price of the burning tour:( 8 nights, three-star hotel) - from 26 850 rubles.
  • Money: dong. It is better to take dollars with them, they can be exchanged for dongs, and prices for tourists are often indicated in dollars.

A hospitable Asian country with very cheap and tasty dishes( soup Fo, "vietburger" Ban Mie, pancakes from rice paper.) And popular resorts such as Dalat, Halong, Nha Trang etc. It is better to choose resorts in the north, near Hanoi,as in the south in the summer months comes the rainy season .

Do not forget to visit the Reunification Palace in Ho Chi Minh City and the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi( entrance is about 2 dollars).The best hotels in Vietnam are ready to offer excellent service and a variety of services.

3. Thailand

  • Price of the burning tour:( 8 nights, three-star hotel) - from 23 798 rub.
  • Money: it is better to take dollars, they can be exchanged for Thai baht at a favorable rate, and the situation with the ruble is unpredictable.

Already on the nose summer 2016. Where is the best place to rest? In the country of smiling people, Thai massage and a lot of Buddhas, big and small. You can go to Pattaya with its Emerald Buddha temple, Art-Paradise 3D gallery, endless shopping in the central part of the city and Walking Street with bars, street artists and discos.

And you can choose Phuket, with its beautiful beaches and islands. This is a paradise for fans of snorkeling and diving. At their disposal are magnificent thickets of coral, quaintly colored by mother nature, fish and sea turtles.

Our rating of the best hotels in Thailand will help you find a suitable institution for the price and comfort.

2. Greece

  • Price of the burning tour:( 7 nights, three-star hotel) - from 8 000 rub.
  • Money: euro. It is best to take them with you. You can and rubles, but for "cashing" in ATMs will be charged a commission - from 3% to 5%.

In the country that has given philosophy and democracy to the world, the following tourist destinations are most popular: Crete, Ionian Islands, Rhodes, Athenian Riviera, Halkidiki Peninsula and Peloponnese. For the first visit you can choose Athens, with architectural monuments that have been for many hundreds of years( Acropolis, Poseidon Temple, Plaka area)

If you do not know where to stay, we recommend you to check out the best hotels in Greece.

1. Crimea

  • Price of the burning tour:( 7 nights, three-star hotel) - from 3 000 rub.
  • Money: rubles.

Where is the best way to relax in the summer of 2016?As they say, visiting is good, but at home it is better. Bakhchisaray Palace, Karadag Nature Reserve, Ai-Petri Mountain, Chersonese ruins, Pearl and Golden beaches in Feodosia with pearly golden and dark golden sand - there is something to do for people with all sorts of hobbies. You can explore our list of the best hotels in Crimea "AI" and find the most suitable one. In all resort areas of the peninsula there are water parks, and in Sevastopol one of the largest dolphinariums in Europe operates. And that is important: you can safely go "savages" without fear of language barrier.