The most unusual hotels in the world

If you want to see something unusual during a trip, then you should start looking for original sights from the selection of hotels. Almost every famous city in the world has a hotel that has an unusual architecture, or provides its guests with an interesting set of services. At the same time, the unusual architecture of the hotel first and foremost means that you will find a high level of comfort inside.

Earlier we already familiarized readers with non-standard hotels here and here. Today we will expand this list.

Art Hotel Laine, located in the Old Town of Riga, is located in the oldest building in this city. Therefore, if you want to fully absorb the spirit of Old Riga, then it makes sense to settle in this hotel.

If you went on a trip to the UK, then it makes sense to pay attention to the hotel-lighthouse, which is located on Cape Coruscall in Scotland. This lighthouse was erected in 1815, and this was preceded by a rather interesting story. The whole point is that before the lighthouse was built on this place, the robbers often planted fire, thereby attracting ships that, of course, they robbed. In the future this disgrace was decided to cease and the Cape built a real lighthouse, which retained its appearance unchanged to the present day and is still an active structure.

Those who go to travel to Sweden or Costa Rica should pay attention to airplane hotels. These hotels were created inside the most real Boeing 747 aircraft. At the same time, only the exterior remained from the planes. Interior interiors are trimmed with wood and do not remind you that you are in the cabin of a large passenger aircraft.

In Andorra, Switzerland and Germany you can find ice hotels. These structures are literally made of ice. Therefore, they look very exotic, but interior interiors are designed in such a way that they can live with maximum comfort. Imagine how unusual the bath will be when you sit in hot water, and you are surrounded by ice blocks.

The Duet Hotel and some of the hotels in Sweden and Hawaii are located right in the midst of a thicket of trees. Moreover, the hotels are built directly on the trees, as happened in Sweden. This in itself is unusual, but the Swedes went even further, they built a hotel on a tree and gave it the look of a flying saucer. It looks very unusual, especially when in the middle of the forest you do not expect to see such a technological object, and even extraterrestrial origin.