Top 10 tips on how to save money on vacation in 2017

After the fall of the ruble exchange rate, summer vacation in Russia, which abroad has become very expensive. And sometimes the cost of travel can go across all reasonable limits. We present to you top-10 tips for saving money on vacation in 2017 .


  • 10. Consider the all-inclusive
  • 9. Some like the hot
  • 8. Turn on the private viewing of the
  • 8. Travel by bike where possible
  • 7. Locals are the best source of information
  • 6. Local wines are cheaperforeign
  • 5. Better closer and more expensive than far away and cheaper
  • 4. Save on the
  • 3. Fly in unpopular hours and weekdays
  • 2. Weigh and measure your luggage
  • 1. Do not leave too many tips

10. Consider the optionĀ«All inclusiveĀ»

Rest at an all-inclusive program( usually three meals a day, animators and a children's playground for a child, various recreational activities, the possibility of using swimming pools, etc.) protects against additional spending on services that you are most likely to needon holiday. So it's wise to pay a little more to get a lot more.

And do not open the mini-bar if you do not know for sure whether it is free or not. The cost of drinks from the minibar is always higher than in the bar of the same hotel( or in the local supermarket).

9. Some like it hot

Monitor travel websites to find the right burning package. The so-called tours with departures in the coming week. The prices for such trips are much lower than usual, because someone urgently refused to travel or the demand for this direction is lower than the tour operators calculated. Use the websites to find cheap airplane tickets and rest will be even more economical.

8. Enable private browsing

Travel agents can see the history of your site views through the Internet and can raise prices when you next look for the desired tour. This can be avoided by searching with private mode turned on.

8. Travel by bike where possible.

Bicycle rental is much cheaper than renting a car. For example, renting a bicycle in Rome for a day costs about 13 euros. And the cost of renting a car in Rome for 1 day - about 40 euros. If traveling by car is the only available option, choose a model with a diesel engine. Diesel engines consume less fuel, and diesel fuel is also cheaper than gasoline, which means more savings for your money.

7. Local residents - the best source of information

Popular tourist restaurants and bars usually overestimate the cost of their services. Try asking the locals what kind of cafe or restaurant they would recommend, and find out that away from the luxury restaurant is an institution where they cook and tasty and inexpensive. If you are not a fan of communicating with other people, look on the Internet before the trip reviews about good local restaurants. Avoid any places with a "tourist menu" or photos of food.

6. Local wines are cheaper than foreign

Local wines should not pass through the same expensive shipping process as foreign spirits, which means that you will pay less, enjoying the fruits of the local vineyards.

5. Better closer and more expensive than far away and cheaper

If you want to spend most of your vacation sunbathing on the beach or exploring some attraction, make sure that your accommodation is near the right place. Of course, located far from the main attractions of the hotel or second and third line hotels are cheaper, but you will spend more money on transport.

4. Save on the


Use the free Wi-Fi in the hotel to download maps of the city on which you will travel. After downloading the maps work without using the Internet, that is, you will not spend money on mobile traffic. Also recommend before traveling to buy one of the best guides to cities and countries of the world. They contain interesting information about all the interesting places of interest and places for entertainment, as well as practical tips for tourists.

3. Fly in unpopular hours and days of the week

You can save a decent amount by choosing the flight time in those hours when most people are still sleeping sweetly. Flight in the middle of the week, not on weekends, is one of the best ways to save money on traveling.

2. Weigh and measure your luggage

If you travel with a suitcase or carry-on bag, be absolutely sure that their size and weight are below the restrictions imposed by the selected airline. It is better to weigh and measure your bag several times before you go to the airport than pay extra for extra pounds or centimeters.

1. Do not leave too many tips

The council, ranked first in the rating of practical recommendations for saving money for tourists, may seem insulting to the broad Russian soul. Many of our compatriots are generously thanked for the good service. However, there are countries where service charges are included in the bill. Pay attention to the items servis compris in France, servizio incluso in Italy and servicio incluido in Spain. Also tips are included in the bill in restaurants in Singapore, Taiwan, Paraguay, Austria, Costa Rica and Croatia. You can add a few coins from above, if you want, but there is no need. And remember that in Japan, China, Sweden, Iceland and Australia is generally not accepted to give "for tea."