Top 5 tips and ways to start a car in frost

Forums of motorists are full of tips about how how to start a car in the frost .Some of them differ in originality, for example, heating with a household( !) Hairdryer. Let's be realistic: the best measure is to prevent trouble. Below are 5 useful tips that will help you prepare for the winter and meet it in "full alert."

  • Buy only quality fuel. Of course, the offer to buy fuel at a tractor station in a nearby village is very tempting, but not in the winter. TN."Winter fuel", appearing at gas stations since the beginning of December, is able to operate tolerably even at a temperature of -20 °.Want to get even more reliable "food" for your car - add to the fuel addiction, which is sold separately.
  • As you know, it is the battery that is the key element that supplies the engine with the power needed to start up, so check out the best car batteries - the rating is based on numerous reviews of car owners. If, from day to day, the approach of strong cold is expected, then it makes sense to keep the battery warm. Just get it out of the car and put it in the corridor of the house. In passing, you can check the level of its charging. All this procedure will take only a few minutes, but the chances that you will get the car even in the most severe frost, significantly increase.
  • Even after all the measures taken, the car refuses to start up? The main thing - do not give in to panic. The launch should not last more than 20 seconds. After starting, return the key to its original position, so that the tired battery "rested" for a few minutes. Do not repeat this procedure too often, it will only worsen the condition of the battery. A good guideline is the speed with which the starter turns.
  • If you have a problem with the battery, then any passing by a friendly driver will help you solve it. Usually people do not carry cables that connect to the battery, so they should always be handy just in case. If you manage to get a car in this way, then you can go quietly. The only advice - do not stop the engine after you drove a couple of miles before your work. In order for the battery to return to its original state, it needs to work without interruptions for at least an hour.
  • Nerves and time can be saved by using the right winter equipment, which should be bought in advance. Before, how to start a car in the winter , you should first defrost the lock. In this you will help a special tool. You can find tips on how to defrost the moisture frozen in the lock with a cigarette lighter, but such techniques should be used only in exceptional cases. In order to less work with the scraper, use the means for thawing the panes. Drivers living in areas with permanent low-temperature winters are advised to purchase an electric "blanket" that keeps the battery warm. Special caps are used to protect the engine. As for block engine heaters, their use is not practical, since they require access to the outlet.

So, if you take all the available preventive measures, then in the winter you will not have to constantly ask questions about how to start a car in frost. Of course, not every driver will be able to afford money( often expensive), which will be used only a few months a year, but they will allow you to drive the car with comfort, regardless of the season. If you live in a cold area, then these measures are simply necessary.