Top 10 Most Useful Foods

By making a balanced diet, we want to include the most useful products in it .Fortunately, nutritionists, immunologists, gastroenterologists and doctors of other specializations often write about the merits of those or other components of our menu.
We tried to answer the question: " Which products are useful for ?", Making up its own top-10 based on the recommendations of health professionals and healthy nutrition specialists.
So, today in our rating presents the most useful food products .


  • 10. Nuts
  • 9. Berries
  • 8. Sour-milk products
  • 7. Green tea
  • 6. Bean
  • 5. Honey
  • 4. Buckwheat and oat groats
  • 3. Olive oil and fatty fish
  • 2. Apples
  • 1. Onion and garlic

10. Nuts

contain a huge amount of necessary human minerals, fats and vitamins. They are caloric, perfectly satisfy hunger, have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and hematopoietic system, enhance visual acuity.

9. The

berries were among the most useful products among the .Specialists especially highlight the healing properties of blueberries, blueberries, strawberries and cranberries. The useful properties of such berries as tomato are highly valued. Favorite all tomatoes contain an active antioxidant lycopene.

8. Sour-milk products

- an indispensable source of calcium and lacto- and bifidobacteria useful to the human body. Kefir, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk - useful products for the pancreas , intestines and digestive system in general.

7. Green tea

has long become familiar and familiar to us. It strengthens blood vessels, reduces blood pressure, blood sugar and blood cholesterol. Green tea and herbal drinks based on it - useful products for the kidneys and the thyroid gland, they have a cleansing, anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect.

6. Bean

- ideal substitutes for meat protein. In doing so, they contain a large amount of fiber, which helps to cleanse the body. The consumption of legumes strengthens the nervous system of the person, gives calmness and balance.

5. Honey

is known for its antibacterial and immunostimulating properties. This natural product loses its medicinal properties during heat treatment, so it is better to use it in its pure form.

4. Buckwheat and oat groats

is extremely useful products for pregnant and lactating women. Buckwheat replenishes iron deficiency, and oatmeal lowers blood pressure and removes toxins. Both groats are hypoallergenic, therefore, it is useful products for children , prone to allergic reactions.

3. Olive oil and fatty fish

- products are useful for the skin, hair , cardiovascular system, they interfere with the formation of cancer cells. By the way, fatty fish are useful products for men .Omega-3 fatty acids are a powerful anti-inflammatory drug, they increase physical endurance, reduce the risk of prostate tumors.

2. Apples

- the most affordable source of vitamin C and antioxidants. They also reduce cholesterol and blood sugar, contain a lot of fiber.

1. Onion and garlic

- products useful for the brain, vessels and the body's immune system. Of particular value are the unique essential oils and fintotsidy contained in these products. According to their antimicrobial and fortifying properties, onion and garlic have practically no analogues.

Naturally, it is impossible to determine the most useful product in the world .A healthy diet should include a variety of ingredients and be balanced in composition. By adding 10 useful products to our menu, we can quickly verify the truth of the famous thesis of Hippocrates.

Our food will become medicine, and medicine - food!