Top-5 teenagers who made discoveries in medicine

Many students are most concerned about how to impress classmates and get rid of acne on the face. But there are other teenagers who are trying to find funds for cancer, influenza and other serious diseases that have plagued people throughout history.

We present to you top-5 teenagers who have made a discovery in medicine .


5. Brittany Wenger

  • 4. Serena Fasano
  • 3. Joe Landolina
  • 2. Eric Chen
  • 1. Angela Zhang
  • 5. Brittany Wenger

    When Brittany was in the seventh grade, she said that she fell in love with computer science. It was conquered and fascinated by artificial intelligence( AI).Another key moment in the girl's life occurred in the 10th grade, when her cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer. Because of this event, Brittany decided to create an AI that can detect breast cancer. She developed a program called AI Cloud4Cancer, which processes samples from FNA tests( fine needle aspiration puncture biopsy).The reliability of the results is 99.1%.Brittany Wenger won the Google Science Fair in 2012, and was invited to the White House to meet with President Obama.

    4. Serena Fasano

    In 2013, thirteen-year-old Serena Fasano ate yogurt and read the list of ingredients on the package. Among them, she discovered bacteria called lactobacillus( Lactobacillus).Interested in them, Serena conducted the first experiment for a school science fair. She used samples of Escherichia coli, which her father, working at the Research Center at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, bought for her daughter. Fasano mixed the samples in yogurt, and it turned out that where there was more yogurt, there was the least amount of E. coli.

    Later, the girl discovered that the lactobacilli secretes a substance that is deadly to E. coli, and managed to decompose this substance into five components. One of them was previously unknown protein, which was the main enemy of E. coli. In February 2006, Serena received a patent for this protein.

    3. Joe Landolina

    Top-3 discoveries in medicine committed by young people, led by a 17-year-old student of New York University. He created a gel on a plant basis, which freezes when it enters the blood or tissue. A product called VetiGel can close an internal or external wound for 20 seconds or less. In addition, since the gel is plant-based, it can be in the body without harm.

    VetiGel is currently approved in the US for use in animals, and in 2016 can be approved for use in humans. Its creator hopes that the gel will be included in first aid kits all over the world.

    2. Eric Chen

    The influenza virus is rapidly changing and can lead to a fatal epidemic at any one time. Eric Chen understood this in 2009, when he was only 13 years old. He began to look for enzyme inhibitors called the influenza endonuclease, which makes the flu contagious. Chen developed a computer program that nullified half a million possible inhibitors, leaving only six. In 2013, a 17-year-old boy won the Google Science Fair and received $ 100,000 from the Intel Foundation for creating new drugs to treat the flu.

    1. Angela Zhang

    The first number in the ranking of talented teenagers who introduced advanced inventions in medicine is a seventeen-year-old girl who developed her own theory of cancer treatment. Her idea is to mix the cure for cancer with the polymer. The polymer will be attached to the nanoparticles. In turn, these nanoparticles will be introduced into the body, where they must find cancer cells. Then, when the patient passes an MRI, the doctor will see where the tumor is in the body. Zhang believes that if the infrared light is applied to the tumor, the polymer will melt and release the drugs. This will kill cancer cells without affecting healthy cells. Tests in mice showed that the tumors almost completely disappear.

    Angela received 100 thousand dollars for her scientific research at the national scientific competition of Siemens.