The best domestic water purification filters

The quality of water entering our homes leaves much to be desired. Therefore, more than half of households use one or another variant of water filtration.

The choice of the water filter depends on the initial state of the water, the required system performance, and also on the budget. In today's review, presents the best domestic water purification systems .


  • 5. Jar filter
  • 4. Nozzle for
  • 3. Filters for water purification throughout the apartment
  • 2. Flow-through sorption filter
  • 1. System with reverse osmosis( membrane type filters)

5. Filter jar

The most simple and affordable option for cleaning tap water is offered by many manufacturers - Brita, Aquafor, Barrier. The disadvantages of this method of filtration are low quality in comparison with more complex filters, as well as the need to replace the cartridge every 1-2 months.

By the way, the jug itself also has a limited shelf life, so you should periodically change the filter completely, purchasing a new one.

The cost of the filter is from 300 rubles.

4. Nozzle for

This filter is connected to the tap of a water tap. The advantages of baits include their compactness, affordable price, as well as mobility - the nozzle can be taken with them on a business trip, as well as on a summer residence or on leave.

However, the system has enough disadvantages - a small resource filter( 300-700 liters), low quality in comparison with other systems, as well as the inability to use the crane in normal mode.

The cost of the filter is from 200 rubles.

3. Filters for water purification throughout the apartment

These filters are installed on pipes that supply water to the apartment. The installation of the pre-filter allows to improve the quality of water in the bathroom and kitchen, to keep household appliances from blockages and lime.

The disadvantages of such systems include the complexity of the installation, a relatively high cost, as well as the fact that the filter delays coarse particles, but additional filtration will be necessary to convert tap water into drinking water.

The cost of the system is from 2000 rubles.

2. Flow-through sorption filter

This system is installed under the kitchen sink and can contain one, two, three or even five purification stages. Most filters use a single cartridge size, which makes it easy to purchase parts.

The disadvantages of stationary flow filters include the complexity of installation, as well as the cost, which is higher than that of jugs and nozzles on cranes.

The cost of the system is from 2 000 rubles.

1. System with reverse osmosis( membrane type filters)

The main cleaning element of such a system is a membrane that cuts off all types of contaminants. Before entering the membrane, water passes 2-4 stages of cleaning with more simple filters. Thus, this system allows you to get the most purified water.

The disadvantages of filters with reverse osmosis include cost and the need for professional installation.

We have prepared a rating of the best water purification filters of this type.

Qualitative membrane type systems are offered by Atoll, Geiser, Aquaphor and other manufacturers. The cost of the best home water filter is from 6 500 rubles.