The best ways to effectively fight cellulite

The time for holidays is approaching. So, it's time to pay attention to the imperfections of the figure formed over the winter. Most often, shortage of walks and heavy food "go sideways" in the form of ugly tubercles of subcutaneous fat.

The problem of cellulite is known to 9 women out of 10. And there are a lot of ways of winning over an insidious enemy of an ideal figure. In today's top ten we present the best ways to effectively combat cellulite .


  • 10. Liquid consumption
  • 9. Essential oils
  • 8. Scrubs
  • 7. Wraps
  • 6. Lymphatic drainage massage
  • 5. Anti-cellulite creams
  • 4. Honey massage
  • 3. Bath and sauna
  • 2. Bouncing massage
  • 1.Physical exercises

10. Drinking fluid

Two liters of water daily will help the body to get rid of toxins, improve metabolism and reduce appetite. Therefore, a plentiful drink should form the basis of any program aimed at a quick fight against cellulite.

9. Essential oils

Several drops of essential oil of lemon, grapefruit or orange can be added to a regular body cream. Thus, the usual cream will turn into an effective anti-cellulite agent.

8. Scrubs

Scrub not only cleans the skin, but also improves metabolic processes due to the intensive massage that we do at the time of application. To combat cellulite, scrubs with citrus, caffeine, and red pepper are best suited. However, the procedure is contraindicated in the presence of inflammation, as well as irritations on the skin.

7. Wraps

Anti-cellulite wraps can be done not only in the salon. For home use, a mixture of honey with coffee and a few drops of essential oil of lemon. Do not leave the wrap on the skin for longer than 320 minutes.

6. Lymphatic drainage massage

Such massage not only contributes to the outflow of stagnant liquids from the problem areas, but also improves sleep, relieves stress, increases the tone of the body. Perform lymph drainage massage should only a professional.

5. Anti-cellulite creams

The cosmetic industry offers hundreds of ready-made creams, masks, gels and lotions to fight cellulite. However, the application of these drugs is important to combine with active massage and physical exercises.

4. Honey massage

Massage of thighs and buttocks with warm honey helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite after 10-14 days. However, the procedure is contraindicated in any allergic reactions to bee products.

3. Bath and sauna

In the absence of contraindications, a steam bath becomes an effective means of combating cellulite. To remove toxins and increase the elasticity of the skin, it is good to use an oak broom.

2. Can massage

Massage of hips and buttocks with the use of chemist's cans promotes skin warming, acceleration of metabolic processes.10 procedures are sufficient for a visible result. Contraindications are inflammation on the skin, as well as problems with the veins.

1. Physical exercises

Best of all, these 10 most effective exercises for the buttocks are saved from cellulite, lessons on cardio equipment - treadmill, ellipsoid, bicycle. Walking on the buttocks, while sitting on the floor with legs extended forward, also helps. Good squats, but they are contraindicated in problems with knee joints.