Top 10 mistakes in brushing teeth

Hygiene of the oral cavity is the guarantee of good health not only for teeth, but also for ENT organs, and also for the digestive system. Therefore it is very important to understand how to brush your teeth properly. Especially considering that almost all of us make the same mistakes during this simple procedure.

We have combined them in today's Top-10 errors when cleaning teeth .


  • 10. Using an incorrect brush
  • 9. Incorrect choice of bristles
  • 8. Insufficient cleaning time
  • 7. Excessive cleaning and frequent cleaning
  • 6. Incorrect cleaning technique
  • 5. Start of procedure from the same place
  • 4. Absencehygiene of the inside of the teeth
  • 3. Rinsing lack
  • 2. Storage of the toothbrush in the closed container
  • 1. Insufficiently frequent brush replacement

10. Using the wrong brush

When choosing a toothbrush, you should pay attention to the sizeheads and soft bristles. Too much brush makes the process uncomfortable and ineffective, especially for children. If there are problems with the gums, it is advisable to choose a soft brush so as not to injure the inflamed mucosa.

9. Incorrect choice of

bristles In addition to softness and stiffness, it is also necessary to evaluate the angle at which the bristles are inserted into the base. The optimal variant is the combination of strictly vertical bristles with angular ones. In addition, the bristles must be synthetic - natural does not meet hygiene standards.

8. Insufficient cleaning time

The best option is to brush your teeth three times a day, and each procedure should take 2 minutes. Naturally, not everyone can allow a dinner cleaning of teeth, but the morning and evening procedures are strictly mandatory.

7. Excessively frequent and vigorous cleaning

More than three cleanings per day - obvious bust. Excessive zeal leads to irritation of the gums and abrasion of the enamel. This is especially true when using whitening pastes with abrasive components.

6. Incorrect cleaning technique

In the office of any dentist you can get a master class on the technique of cleaning teeth. The most common mistake is horizontal movements instead of vertical ones, sweeping out dirt and removing plaque. In addition, not everyone remembers the need to clean the surface of the tongue.

5. Starting the procedure from the same place

Dentists say that starting cleaning from different sides of the mouth, we improve the quality of care. At the beginning of the procedure a person cleans his teeth more intensively, and by the end the process begins to "hack".Therefore, it is so important to change the "starting position".

4. Lack of hygiene of the inside of the teeth

After thoroughly cleaning your teeth from the front, we often forget about the inside. As a result, there is a tartar and caries begins. Most often, the inner surface of the front teeth suffers.

3. Lack of rinsing

Rinsing the toothbrush helps to remove bacteria and dirt from it. Otherwise, the old bacteria will simply return to their place the next time they are cleaned. In addition, caring for the brush prolongs the life of the brush.

2. Keeping a toothbrush in a closed container

Many like containers and caps for toothbrushes. However, the brush must completely dry after use. Otherwise, the remaining bacteria on the bristles will multiply rapidly, then infecting the oral cavity.

1. Insufficiently changing the brush

Every 3 months, the toothbrush must be changed. It concerns both classical brushes, and nozzles for electrical analogues. Many brushes have wear indicators - colored bristles that pale as the replacement time approaches.