The best folk and medical remedies for nail fungus

When the nails turn yellow, twist, become thick and even painful to the touch, it is most likely the case in a fungal infection called onychomycosis. However, from this scourge there are both folk and medicament means. Our rating will help you choose the best remedy for nail fungus on your legs or hands.


  • 10. Probiotics
  • 9. Vinegar from apples or grape
  • 8. Tea tree oil
  • 7. Tablets Thermidone
  • 6. Fundizol
  • 5. Loceril
  • 4. Nogtitic
  • 3. Listerin
  • 2. Exoteril
  • 1. Mycosan

10. Probiotics

The price is from 231 rubles.

Without a sufficient number of friendly flora, one of the constituents of which are lactobacilli, "bad" bacteria easily "seize power" in the body. This allows fungi, such as candida and nail fungus, to multiply uncontrollably.

So the daily use of probiotic supplements( in which there is no sugar or artificial sweeteners) will allow to fight the fungus from the inside. It is most effective to use probiotics in complex therapy, together with one of our top 10 drugs.

9. Vinegar from apples or grapes

Price - от 155 руб.for 250 g.

Daily ten-minute baths( 1 cup of vinegar per bowl of hot water) will help get rid of nail fungus. However, they will have to be done for a long time, up to 6 months. In addition, under the influence of vinegar nails become thinner, more fragile and more sensitive. Therefore, in the top 10 most effective means of nail fungus vinegar got the penultimate place.

8. Tea Tree Oil

Price - starting at 150 rub.

When treating nail fungus with folk remedies, the most effective are essential oils with antifungal properties. This is the tea tree oil. If applied directly to the affected nails on the feet every morning and evening, then the positive results become visible in just three weeks.

Disadvantages: with sloppy application can "pinch" and burn the skin.

7. Tablets Thermicon

Price - от 567 руб.

The drug with the active substance terbinafine is taken up to 12 weeks, on a tablet per day. Those who do not want to take pills can buy Thermicon Spray or Cream. To the disadvantages of this product, users attribute its high cost and the need for long-term use.

6. Fundizol

The price - from 97 rbl.

Antifungal cream of Russian origin. In the reviews it is recommended to apply for the night under the bandage. Under the influence of the cream, the affected part of the nail plate softens and can be removed.

Cons - a specific smell.

5. Loceril

Price: 1366 rub.

Varnish with the active ingredient amorolfine is very easy to use. It is enough to apply to the nails once or twice a week.

To completely get rid of onychomycosis will have to wait from 9 months to a year. This is one of the shortcomings of Lotseril. The second drawback is the high price.

4. Nogtivit

The price - from 149 rubles.

An alternative to the surgical removal of a fungal nail. After applying the ointment, the nail pieces exfoliate, not bringing unpleasant sensations to the "owner".

The only drawback of the remedy is the need to apply the ointment every 3-4 days for a long time.

3. Listerin

The price is from 125 rubles.

Technically, this mouthwash is not a panacea for fungus on the fingers, but it helps very well, so we included it in the rating. Make a foot bath of 30-50 ml of Listerine mixed with two cups of warm water and take it once a day for 30 minutes. Listerine is a powerful antiseptic, it kills the fungus quickly.

2. Exoderil

The price - from 464 rbl.for the cream and from 558 rubles.for the solution.

One of the best, and at the same time and the most advertised means from a fungus of nails. It is available as a solution for external use and cream. It is best to use it twice a day.

Disadvantages: long-term treatment( up to six months) and unsuccessful form of vial with solution. From it, the remedy is very easy to shed.

1. Mycosane

The price is from 155 rubles.

Easy to apply cream, absorbed into the nail for a couple of minutes. The result becomes noticeable after only five days of use. An excellent remedy for those who wish to tackle the treatment of fungal infection, but do not accept tablets and do not trust folk remedies.

What is the most effective remedy for nail fungus? It is up to the readers to decide for themselves, using the method of enumeration of options.