Rating of the best means for the potency of men

According to statistics, problems with potency on a global scale affect 140 million people. More than half of all men with impotence have physical ailments, such as diabetes and circulatory disorders. In other men, impotence is psychogenic. We studied the most popular means for improving potency, according to the data of search engines, we have taken into account that when choosing the best means for potency in men should be more positive than negative ones. And as a result, there were top-15 most effective drugs for potency.


  • Best drugs for men's potency
    • 5. Vizarsin and Impaza
    • 4. Sildenafil
    • 3. Levitra
    • 2. Viagra
    • 1. Cialis
  • Best dietary supplements for men
    • 5. Red root
    • 4. Alikaps
    • 3. VukaVuka
    • 2. Tongkat ali platinum
    • 1. Yohimbine
  • The most effective folk remedies for potency treatment
    • 5. Honey
    • 4. Ginseng
    • 3. Hop tea
    • 2. Nuts
    • 1. Ginger
  • Physical exercises for increasing potency

Best drugs for potencymen's

In our rating of tools for the potency of men with a description of the effect, five most popular drugs to stimulate the erection are included. All participants in the sex charts have limitations to the application and a lot of side effects. So, you can take them only with the permission of the doctor.

5. Vizarsin and Impaza

In fifth place among the best drugs for men's potency( drug rating) is Vizarsin, the active ingredient of which is sildenafil( PDE-5 inhibitor).

Unlike its "colleague", Impaza is a homeopathic preparation containing a mixture of homeopathic dilutions( C12, C30, C200) of affinity purified antibodies to endothelial NO synthetase. Take Impaza to achieve a noticeable result will have longer than Vizarsin, at least three weeks. But it is safer in terms of side effects.

4. Sildenafil

Sildenafil, as well as those analogous to Cialis, Viagra and Levitra is a drug belonging to the group of inhibitors of the enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5( PDE-5 inhibitors).With sexual stimulation in the blood vessels inside the penis, the concentration of nitric oxide increases, which contributes to the inflow of blood into the penis. In turn, nitric oxide stimulates the production of another compound called cGMP( cyclic guanosine monophosphate), necessary to further increase the flow of blood into the cavernous bodies of the penis and to maintain the function of relaxing the smooth muscles of the penis needed for erection. PDE-5 inactivates cGMP and converts it to 5-guanosine monophosphate. And inhibitors prevent this transformation, thereby improving and prolonging the erection. The effect of sildenafil lasts four to six hours.

3. Levitra

The active ingredient is vardenafil. The drug will last for 4-6 hours. But, unlike Viagra, Levitra is not very exposed to food or alcohol, so that the pill can be taken with food.

2. Viagra

Widely advertised Viagra just could not help but get into the top of the drugs to enhance the male potency. But it is a complete analog of the fourth number on the list, with the same active ingredient.

1. Cialis

The active ingredient is tadalafil. Effects of Cialis judging by the numerous reviews last much longer than that of Viagra or Levitra( up to 36 hours), so many men prefer this remedy. The disadvantage is that side effects can also last longer than other PDE5 inhibitors.

Best dietary supplements for men

There are many degrees of erectile dysfunction( ED).Some men are able to achieve an erection, but are not able to support it, and others are not able to reach it at all. Supplements with herbal ingredients help those who experience a mild degree of ED.Before their use, a consultation of a urologist or sexologist is necessary.

5. Red root

The active component is the roots of a penny of the forgotten( another name is the red root).In the Far East, a penny is known for many centuries as a means to reduce fatigue. His reception will increase the duration of sexual intercourse.

4. Alikaps

Contains the components extracted from the plant Tribulus terrestris( crooked terrestrial).It has long been used in China and India to enhance sexual attraction in men and women. Bodybuilders sometimes use dietary supplements with this plant after a cycle of anabolic steroids to restore testosterone levels.

3. Vuka Vuka

Contains several plant components, including mesh geriatric, edible edible, securinega root virosis, tree heteromorph and triumvhetto velvicha. After receiving Vuk Vuk, blood circulation in the small pelvis increases, sexual attraction increases and the duration of sexual intercourse increases.

2. Tongkat ali platinum

The active ingredients are extracts of ginseng and long-leaf Euricoma roots( also Thongkat root) and royal jelly. The root contains compounds that( in animal studies) help stimulate sex drive, improve sperm quality, and even accelerate muscle growth.

1. Yohimbine

To increase potency in men, the most effective remedy for dietary supplements according to reviews is Yohimbine, the active ingredient found in the yohimbe bark. Yohimbine lowers blood pressure, promotes vasodilation of genital organs, and increases reflex excitability in the lower spinal cord. In many cases, yohimbe helps to make the erection harder.

The most effective folk remedies for the potency of

We have included five popular drugs in the potency rating for men, which can be very useful for people suffering from low libido.

5. Honey

This product( besides heated and filtered honey) is rich in vitamins B, E and zinc, which are necessary for the prostate gland. After consuming honey, you can drink a glass of warm milk for the best result.

4. Ginseng

It is considered one of the best male sexual tonic. Both American and Asian ginseng support a healthy libido, help get rid of erectile dysfunction caused by fatigue and stress and normalize testosterone levels.

3. Hop tea

One of the most affordable and effective means, successfully replacing the best tablets for potency. To make this tea you need to pour a tablespoon of raw materials from finely chopped hop cones with a glass of boiling water and five minutes to keep it on low heat. Let the broth cool and drink half a glass three times a day.

2. Nuts

Pistachios, peanuts, sesame seeds, walnuts, brazil nuts and other types of nuts have a positive effect on libido. In nuts, there are necessary zinc and iron for the male body. The walnut also contains arginine, which helps increase the concentration of nitric oxide in the body. And in the Brazil nut is a lot of selenium, necessary for the health of the prostate.

1. Ginger

The best remedy for potency is known as the "grass of passion".Ginger was mentioned in the Kamasutra, and its creators, apparently, knew the sense of pleasure. The intake of this herbal remedy helps increase blood flow to the genitals, and ginger has the same properties as Ginkgo Biloba and green tea, that is, dilates the blood vessels

Ginger suppresses the accumulation of cortisol, which can cause erection deterioration or erectile dysfunction, helps maintain healthy blood pressure and acts as a tonic for the immune system.

Physical exercises to increase potency