Top 10 Ways to Get Rid of Headache

Headache is increasingly an inconvenience to modern man. We spend too much time at the computer, move little, do not get enough sleep and do not breathe fresh air.

There are many ways to combat such a common ailment. In today's compilation, we have compiled Top 10 ways to get rid of the headache .


10. Aspirin

  • 9. Healthy sleep
  • 8. Physical activity
  • 7. Proper breathing
  • 6. Head banding
  • 5. Eye relaxation
  • 4. Proper food
  • 3. Caffeine failure
  • 2. Food intake
  • 1. Aromatherapy
  • 10. Aspirin

    Of all the medicines, it is aspirin that works best for a headache if it arises from overexertion. However, aspirin should be taken, strictly following the dosage. It is best to choose effervescent tablets that are soluble in water.

    9. Healthy sleep

    Even 30 minutes of sleep can relieve a headache. However, it is important to take a nap in a comfortable position, otherwise the stiff neck and back muscles can cause a new attack of pain. By the way, lovers of sleeping on their stomachs often suffer from headaches.

    8. Physical activity

    Moderate stresses, such as a walk in the park with a vigorous step or a calm swimming, will help to remove the compulsive pain that often arises from office workers from overstrain of the neck muscles and sitting at the computer.

    7. Correct breathing

    With proper breathing, the stomach should be in a tonus, and if you place your palms on the lower ribs with your fingers towards the center of your chest, they should move away from each other when you inhale. You can learn how to breathe properly in yoga or pilates classes. With a beginning headache, breathe deeply enough and breathe for a few minutes, so that the pain becomes dull.

    6. Headband

    Binding the head with a scarf or kerchief, we reduce the flow of blood to the head. This method is often used by women suffering from migraine. A dense bandage helps to remove the oppressive throbbing pain.

    5. Eye Relaxation

    Constant squinting and tensing of the eye muscles inevitably causes a headache. On a sunny day in the street, you should always wear dark glasses, and when you work at a computer, take breaks. A simple exercise can help with a headache - we cover our eyes with the palms of both hands and sit for a few minutes in such improvised darkness.

    4. Proper food

    If headaches occur regularly, you should reduce the salt content in the diet, avoid soda, alcohol and canned foods. But green vegetables, bananas and green tea on the contrary are considered the best helpers of pain.

    3. Failure of caffeine

    Even if the head hurts because of low blood pressure, do not drink a cup of strong coffee - you can trigger a vasospasm. A similar effect can have strong black tea, as well as chocolate.

    2. Food intake

    Often, a headache is caused by a delay or loss of food intake. The level of glucose in the blood decreases, the blood vessels of the head experience overexertion, and pain arises. A light snack may well help in such a situation, but abundant food will cause a sharp expansion of the vessels and a new attack of pain.

    1. Aromatherapy

    If the headache causes trouble with an enviable regularity, it is necessary to stock up with the essential oils of rosemary, eucalyptus, mint, sandalwood. You can drip a couple of drops on a napkin and press it to the forehead, you can light the aroma lamp, or you can - massage the temples and scalp with the selected oil. Only the oil should be quality and certainly natural.