Top 5 reasons why alcohol is the worst drug

A couple of glasses of "fire water" can improve digestion, calm nerves, relieve of shyness and embarrassment. However, it is worth while to sort out and alcohol becomes an open portal in our nightmares.

Here are 5 reasons why alcohol can be the worst of all drugs.

If this trouble has not bypassed you, read our list of the most effective means of alcoholism. Folk and medicines to combat drinking.


  • 5. Alcohol causes the greatest harm to life
  • 4. Alcohol - the worst enemy of public safety
  • 3. Alcohol kills more people than any other drug
  • 2. Alcohol and child abuse
  • 1. Alcohol - trouble

our culture5. Alcohol harms life the most.

The "Great Study"( Harvard Grant Study) is one of the longest sociological studies of adult development. Since 1938, researchers from Harvard have tracked the lives of 268 junior students who reported their emotional and physical well-being.

In 2012, the head of the Harvard Grant Study, George Vailant, reported that alcohol was one of the key factors in the life of the study participants. He was more important than intellect, political views or the presence of wealthy parents. Alcoholism is a major cause of divorce subjects, one of the main triggers for neurosis and depression( the alcohol begins to mental health problems), and is associated with smoking as a major contribution to the early descent into the grave.

4. Alcohol is the worst enemy of public safety.

What is the most dangerous drug in the world? According to the British study, the right answer is alcohol. In 2010, the authoritative medical journal The Lancet published a study on the dangers posed by 20 available drugs.

It was conducted under the guidance of a psychiatrist and neuropsychopharmacologist David Nutt. While heroin, crack, methamphetamine and took first place in terms of the danger they present to individual users, one drug was the most harmful to society as a whole. Alcohol consumption doubled the chances of harming other people, compared with cocaine. Of the possible 100 points on the danger scale, alcohol was 45( in second place is heroin, it has 20 points).

3. Alcohol kills more people than any other drug

High mortality from alcoholic beverages is in the top 3 reasons why alcohol can be the worst of all drugs. In the media often there are stories about new and very dangerous drugs. In September 2015, information appeared that the synthetic preparation K-2 allegedly turns people into naked, refractory to the pain of zombies. However, in such stories, it is hushed up that we already have an easily accessible, deadly drug.

According to WHO from 2014, Russia accounts for 500,000 deaths related to alcohol abuse. And about 8 thousand people die from other types of drugs in Russia every year. If we are horrified by the relatively small number of deaths from spice, heroin and other narcotic abominations, ignoring a much greater danger, then it's time to ask: what's going wrong?

2. Alcohol and child abuse

One of the leaders of anti-rating of the most terrible consequences of alcohol. The unfortunate truth of life is that some drunken adults beat, rape and morally humiliate children. Children with one or two alcoholic parents are more likely than their peers to endure unbearable living conditions, have a reduced body weight, and suffer from physical and mental illness. Of course, a terrible childhood is a misfortune not only of the children of alcoholics, but also of those with whom mom or dad are addicted to gambling, heroin, etc. But the fact is that these activities are either completely banned or reasonably limited. Alcohol is completely intertwined with Western and European culture and its consumption is actively encouraged.

1. Alcohol - the trouble with our culture

According to anthropologist Anne Fox, alcohol is not the cause of violence. Otherwise, we would see uniform levels of violence in all drinking countries. Fox believes: our culture teaches us how to behave to drunk people. In various films, television shows and books, drinking is shown as something that ordinary people do regularly.

At the same time, we learn to identify drinking with aggression and lack of self-control. The result is a powder keg from all the worst possible outcomes.