Top 5 most needed medicines in the medicine cabinet

First aid kit with medicines is in any house. Some of them are treated with excessive love and in such families even a refrigerator is similar to a small branch of a pharmacy. In other families, drugs clearly dislike and in an emergency it is impossible to find even ordinary greens, not to mention something more serious. Everyone decides for himself, that of medicines should be kept in his medicine cabinet. But there is a kind of minimum that everyone should have.


  • Zelenka
  • Aspirin
  • Validol
  • Remantadin
  • Activated charcoal


Greenhouse solution is one of the most famous disinfectants in the CIS.This fame is well deserved, since the antiseptic not only relieves germs, but also positively affects the rate of regeneration of damaged tissues.


The names of this medication may vary, but the most familiar ones are acetylsalicylic acid and aspirin. An excellent tool to help bring down the temperature and remove the headache. In addition, this medicine helps to thin the blood, and therefore can affect high blood pressure. It is used by most clinics and hospitals providing treatment in Poland."Bookimed" is a resource devoted to this separate section.


Thanks to the timely reception of this tool, many human lives have been saved. Therefore, to have in the medicine cabinet Validol is extremely useful not only for yourself, but also for others.


In view of the fact that one of the modern disasters is the influenza virus, which every year puts a huge number of people in beds, it is extremely useful to have at hand a remedy able to stop the development of the disease at the earliest stages. This is exactly what this medicine is, and one of the mandatory conditions for its successful application is timeliness.

Activated charcoal

This remedy is worth a penny, but at the most crucial and necessary moment it can save more than one life. At the first signs of poisoning, several tablets should be taken, which are essentially a perfect sponge absorbing all the harmful substances in the stomach and intestines.

These are the five most common and most needed in the med kit .Each of them can save not only health, but also human life. Even harmless greens, applied to the destination at the right time, will not give any chance of dangerous infections and infections. However, the list does not end there and the kit is still far from complete. Here you can add various cardiovascular drugs, antibiotics, syringes and more. In addition, it is possible to complete the first aid kit also taking into account the predisposition of family members to certain diseases.