Rating of rejuvenation procedures

All without exception want to look great at any age. Modern cosmetology and plastic surgery allow you to remain young and attractive for many years.

Today we bring to your attention a rating of rejuvenation procedures , which includes the latest achievements of the beauty industry.


  • 10. Cosmetic surgery.
  • 9. Non-surgical lifting.
  • 8. Massage.
  • 7. Peeling.
  • 6. Mesotherapy.
  • 5. Laser biorevitalization.
  • 4. Ozonotherapy.
  • 3. Myostimulation.
  • 2. Bioarchivation.
  • 1. Botox and Disport.

10. Cosmetic surgery.

The operation always produces a visible effect, but it is a rather risky method of rejuvenation, unless it is certainly not the best plastic surgery clinic, due to the mass of contraindications and side effects. The most popular surgical procedures for rejuvenation are circular facelift, blepharoplasty, lifting with Aptos threads and S-face lifting, in which cuts will be minimal, and you will still have to buy a medical robe.

9. Non-surgical lifting.

Doctors-cosmetologists offer clients several methods of facelift without surgery. The most popular are ultrasonic lifting, photolifting, cryolifting. It is very common RF-lifting or Thermage, in which the skin is exposed to electric current in the radio frequency range.

8. Massage.

One of the most accessible rejuvenation procedures in the ranking can be performed manually or using special equipment. Having learned from a cosmetologist the simplest methods of facial massage, you can perform it yourself at home.

7. Peeling.

Removing dead cells allows the skin to be smooth and healthy. Peelings differ in the methods of action on the skin and intensity. The most common is mechanical peeling, the compounds for which you can use and at home. In the beauty salon, you can conduct a superficial or median chemical peeling, as well as ultrasonic peeling.

6. Mesotherapy.

The anti-aging effect of the procedure is that the active substances are injected subcutaneously, i.e.where they are needed. Mesotherapy is used to improve the condition of the face, body and hair. A set of necessary drugs is selected by a doctor-cosmetologist. Most often it is collagen, elastin, a cocktail of vitamins and amino acids, hyaluronic acid, antibiotics and other drugs.

5. Laser biorevitalization.

The essence of the procedure is to introduce into the deep layers of the skin preparations of hyaluronic acid under the influence of laser radiation. Unlike classical mesotherapy, the method is painless and does not require injections. The result is saved up to 6 months.

4. Ozonotherapy.

This procedure affects the whole body. Subcutaneously or intradermally injected oxygen-ozone mixture, which stimulates metabolic processes in the body.

3. Myostimulation.

Rejuvenating effect is achieved by exposing different parts of the face and body to currents of different frequencies. Often the procedure is combined with applying to the skin drugs that act more efficiently under the influence of microcurrents.

2. Bioarchivation.

The method is aimed at correction of facial contours without surgery. Under the skin with the help of biogel injections a supporting framework is formed, which will keep the shape for 2-3 years.

1. Botox and dysport.

Perhaps, these are the most popular procedures in our ranking. They are aimed at combating facial wrinkles. The essence of the method is the introduction of botulinum toxin, which has a local-paralyzing effect on individual facial muscles. The effectiveness and safety of the procedure depends on the experience of the doctor-cosmetologist.