The best hair shampoos, 2016 rating

A good hair shampoo will not make your hair curls dry, brittle or unhealthy. Instead, he will leave them soft, shiny and obedient. It should wash off skin fat well, it is excellent to foam and contain as much as possible natural components. These are exactly the products included in the rating of hair shampoos .

Top-5 most popular hair shampoos were selected by the experts of "Lady Mail. Ru" in cooperation with the test laboratory Product Test. This is the first Russian web-project devoted to testing and expert evaluation of everyday goods.

During the testing, no living creature was harmed. Shampoos washed artificial hair, and the rating is based on several parameters: the level of Ph, foaming, washing ability and the composition declared by the manufacturer.


  • The best hair shampoos
    • 5. Pantene Pro-V "Nourishment and shine"
    • 4. Shamtu 100% volume
    • 3. Syoss Volume Lift
    • 2. Garnier Fructis "Freshness"
    • 1. Clean Line Phytotherapy "Firming"
  • Full rating of hair shampoos( Infographics)

Best hair shampoos

5. Pantene Pro-V "Nourishment and shine"

  • Level Ph - 6,3.
  • Foaming: 3.2 points out of 5. Foamy.
  • Washing power: 5 points out of 5. Excellent washed away artificial skin fat.

The product of the famous premium brand opens the test of shampoos. The main detergent ingredient in "Nutrition and Gloss" is sodium lauryl sulfate. Not the best ingredient, as it can irritate the scalp. Also in the composition there are methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone - preservatives, which may not be suitable for people with delicate skin. To facilitate combing the hair into the composition is included silicone, and for moistening - panthenol and ethyl panthenol. The best product is suitable for oily hair.

4. Shamtu 100% volume

  • Level Ph - 6,3.
  • Foaming: 4.2 points out of 5. Good foaming.
  • Washing power: 4.5 points out of 5. It thoroughly cleanses the skin fat.

During the use of this shampoo, the hair scales are lifted, this allows them to effectively cleanse them of sebum. Therefore, Shamtu 100% volume is perfect for people with oily and normal hair, and those who have dry hair, it is recommended to choose another product.

There are potentially allergenic substances in the formulation, such as methylchlorothiazolinone and methyl isothiazolinone, and may not be suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Natural components contain extracts of figs, kiwi and kumquat. They help moisturize the scalp.

3. Syoss Volume Lift

  • Level Ph is 4.7.
  • Foaming: 5 points out of 5. Excellent foaming.
  • Washing power: 5 points out of 5. Washed the entire artificial sebum from the test hair samples.

Thanks to its Ph is the best shampoo for hair thin, dry or past the procedure of staining. In the composition there are apricot oils and castor oil, which strengthen and moisturize the hair. To improve the condition of the scalp and hair, Syoss included hydrolyzed keratin in the Volume Lift. However, you can not call the product the best shampoo, because it contains fragrances that can cause allergies.

2. Garnier Fructis "Freshness"

  • Level Ph - 5.
  • Foaming: 3 points out of 5. The worst result is in the list.
  • Washing ability: 4 points out of 5. It thoroughly cleanses the sebum.

Thanks to the optimal Ph shampoo suitable for hair of any type. Is that owners of oily hair, you may have to wash your head again. One of the best dandruff shampoos, thanks to the presence of salicylic acid and green tea extract. And vitamin B3 will help improve the blood circulation of the scalp. As with previous participants in the rating, this shampoo has fragrances that can cause allergies.

1. Clean Line Phytotherapy "Firming"

  • Level Ph - 5.3.
  • Foaming: 3.8 points out of 5. Foams well.
  • Washing capacity: 4.5 points out of 5. It thoroughly cleanses the skin fat.

In the first place in the list of the best hair shampoos( rating 2016) inexpensive and high-quality products of the Russian company. Suitable for all hair types. As the main vegetable ingredient is the extract of nettle, softening, improving the appearance and preventing hair loss. Purity and yarrow fight with dandruff, and extracts of St. John's wort and chamomile - with inflammation of the scalp. Alas, there are potentially allergenic fragrances. But without them, a rare shampoo.

Full rating of hair shampoos( Infographics)