The most disgusting cosmetic procedures

How far is a person ready to go in search of an ideal appearance? It is not for nothing that they say that beauty requires sacrifice, and sometimes, to be proud of its own reflection in the mirror, one must do very unpleasant things. Here is the top-7 of the most disgusting cosmetic procedures of , by which people exposed themselves in the name of beauty.


  • 7. Bath, full of acne
  • 6. Radiation therapy
  • 5. Lead, arsenic, and mercury
  • 4. Chisel diet
  • 3. Acid massage
  • 2. Bull sperm
  • 1. Extreme flesh for face care

7Bath, full of blackheads

Opens our collection of a slimy way to make the skin tender and radiant. In China, the baths are filled with a multitude of tiny eels. Serpent-like creatures stain the body, and eat dead skin particles. After such a bath the skin of even mature people looks like in youth.

6. Radiation therapy

In the 30s of the 20th century, radium and thorium were added to face creams, powder and even soap. Those who wanted to brag of shining teeth, offered a radioactive toothpaste. It was believed that small doses of radium would "stimulate the basic functions of living cells" and restore vital energy.

The drawback of these radioactive products was that they caused a huge number of health problems. The most harmless of them was hair loss. Those who worked with radium developed necrosis of bones and incurable cancer. This quickly put an end to the ecstasy of cosmetic radioactive products.

5. Lead, arsenic, and mercury

Nowadays tan shows that you have enough money to spend leisure time on the beach. However, there were times when sunburn was considered a sign of commoner( because of the need to work outdoors), and the fashion was aristocratic pallor. And to make the skin of the face of the most light lady in Ancient Greece used lead white. Problems with such cosmetics were known even then. Lead corroded the skin and, to hide it, it was necessary to put on the face even more white. Lead also causes aggression, headaches, vomiting, convulsions, and eventually death. Lead white was popular in the 16-17 centuries. They actively used the English Queen Elizabeth I. Presumably, her death came because of poisoning the body with lead.

In the 19th century, those who wanted to get rid of age spots, freckles and other skin problems could buy a lotion with arsenic, which was supposed to effectively purify the skin. There were analogues of the lotion, intended for ingestion. An overdose of arsenic leads to bloody vomiting, hair loss, diarrhea, convulsions. But at least it will not be until freckles.

Modern products for lightening the skin, as well as mascara, often contain mercury, an element that can provoke kidney problems and many other terrible side effects. Therefore, when buying cosmetics, you need to carefully read the composition.

4. Cholesterol diet

A solitary diet, the most dangerous diet in the world. If you burn more calories than you consume, your weight goes down. But many people can not force themselves to eat less. How to burn calories in another way? Settle in the intestines of a not too friendly neighbor, tapeworm. This worm will eat the products of the environment, and will grow instead of your waist. The presence of this parasite in the body can cause not only weight loss and appetite, but also pain, diarrhea, anorexia, diffuse cysts, convulsions and, in some cases, death. Is this not one of the most disgusting and dangerous ways to become slim and beautiful?

3. Street massage

For this procedure, live snails( not any of which, but Akhatina giant) are used, which are sent to "walk" in the face. The mucous trail left by them helps to fight the signs of aging. It is believed that such a massage can reduce the scars from scars, post-acne and stretch marks.

Those who can not accept the idea that a snail will crawl along their face, can buy creams containing snail venom.

2. Bull sperm

One of the most disgusting cosmetic procedures in our rating is associated with the use of a mask or hair conditioner that contains bovine sperm. It has a lot of protein, so the hair after such "spermotherapy" becomes surprisingly soft and durable. So if you see products containing a coquettish abbreviation of BSP( bovine seminal plasma), you know what they contain. True, the sperm is frozen before use and does not smell.

1. Extreme flesh for face care

Surely you have heard the common expression "smooth, like an ass of an infant".Some cosmetic companies have taken this cliche and found it a practical application. Using the foreskin, left after the circumcision of the boys, they turned it into money. And it's worthy to lead our hit parade of strange and nasty ways to preserve beauty.

Foreskin contains stem cells( fibroblasts) that can not be grown for the needs of the cosmetic industry in sufficient quantities in the laboratory.

Fibroblasts strengthen the structure of the skin, and those who used creams containing foreskin cells claim to have found positive changes in their appearance.