The most dangerous cities in the world, the 10 most criminal

The season of holidays is coming, so you need to decide where to go to rest, and where to go it's definitely not worth it, if you are not an inveterate extreme, not worthy of life and a purse. And here very timely Numbeo - the largest site on consumer prices, crime rates, the quality of medical care and other statistics about various cities and countries - released its Crime Index. This is the annual rating of the world's most criminal cities .

Rating includes 378 cities that are ranked by crime index. Cities with a crime rate below 20 are considered very safe, while cities with a crime rate between 60 and 80 are considered very criminogenic. It turned out that the safest city in the world is Abu Dhabi( crime index - 15.51), followed by Munich and Taipei.


  • Top 10 most criminal cities in the world
    • 10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil( crime rate - 77.87)
    • 9. Pretoria, South Africa( 77.99)
    • 8. Recife, Brazil( 78.00)
    • 7. Johannesburg, South Africa( 78.49)
    • 6. Durban, South Africa( 78.58)
    • 5. Selangor, Malaysia( 78.90)
    • 4. Fortaleza, Brazil( 83.90)
    • 3. Pietermaritzburg, South Africa( 84.23)
    • 2. San Pedro-Sula, Honduras( 85.59)
    • 1. Caracas, Venezuela( 86.61)

Top 10 most criminal cities in the world

10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil( crime rate - 77.87)

gay city carnivals face the criminals can not only in marginal areas. The most common crimes are street robbery and theft. Therefore, if you are determined to go there, adopt a few simple rules. They will be useful also when visiting other cities from this list.

  • Do not go alone after 10 pm. This does not mean that you should not visit restaurants or bars in the evenings, or you should not enjoy the night Rio, but if it's not a carnival week, it's better to stay inside the building( or outside, but with a crowd of people).
  • iPhone is easy money in Brazil. Given the local absurd mark-ups on luxury goods, the price of iPhone in Brazil starts at $ 1,000.This means that if you are talking on your iPhone while on the street, then you are most likely to lose it. Buy a cheap phone for travel or hide the iPhone in your pocket outside.
  • Do not take anything to the beach except a bathing suit and towels. Many criminals, acting in groups, literally comb the Brazilian beaches in search of things that careless tourists leave on the sun beds, going to swim.
  • If possible, move around the city only by taxi, metro or bus. It's cheap, fast, with a breeze, that is, air conditioning, as well as designations in English.

9. Pretoria, South Africa( 77.99)

Although Pretoria is inferior to Johannesburg in terms of the number of violent crimes, it is definitely not worth it to go on holiday with family or alone. Identify a tourist in Pretoria in a crowd of passers-by is very simple, and since most of the local people are poor, the rich European for them is the desired prey. The most common crime in Pretoria is pocket theft.

8. Recife, Brazil( 78.00)

This seaside town is famous for frequent shark attacks( 18 people died since 1992) and murders. Usually, violence is limited to poor areas of the city, but do you want to test this on yourself?

7. Johannesburg, South Africa( 78.49)

Small pickpockets, burglaries and car thefts - that's what most often lies in wait for tourists in beautiful but dangerous Johannesburg. There were incidents involving foreigners who were traveling from Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg to their destination by car. They were robbed, often at gunpoint.

6. Durban, South Africa( 78.58)

Central and "tourist" areas of Durban are safe enough and violent crimes are rarely committed there. But outside these areas, robbery is a common thing. If you came to this city for work or for entertainment, go for a taxi.

5. Selangor, Malaysia( 78.90)

Opens the top 5 most dangerous cities in the world, the Malaysian metropolis, where pocket theft is very common. However, compared with the third number in the list of Selangor - a paradise on Earth, because there are murders and kidnappings with subsequent demand for redemption is not often.

4. Fortaleza, Brazil( 83.90)

In the most dangerous city of Brazil, you should always be alert and not put the phone and valuables in your pockets. Is it only in the inner, and even in the pockets of cowards. And it's not a joke. They can steal in Fortaleza. And the number of murders in the city is 60% per hundred thousand people. In addition, abductions of people with the purpose of ransom are not uncommon.

3. Pietermaritzburg, South Africa( 84.23)

The main criminal element is concentrated in local slums( townspeople) and it is not recommended to get into them very much even during the day. Murders, robberies and violence are not uncommon there. And white tourists are in a special zone of risk. In Pietermaritzburg, there is a serious problem of school crime and the police conducts whole raids, taking away black weapons from senior school students. However, all tourist areas( restaurants, shopping centers, shops, attractions) are under protection and one can feel relatively safe there.

2. San Pedro Sula, Honduras( 85.59)

The second largest city in Honduras has a thriving drug trade, killing and tyranny of policemen, who often cruelly crack down on not only gang members, but also those who passed by. There are 169 murders per 100,000 people in San Pedro Sula.

1. Caracas, Venezuela( 86.61)

Heads the selection of the most dangerous cities in the world, the capital of Venezuela, where the city center( still relatively prosperous in the criminal plan) is taken to the ring of poor areas, where a careless traveler is robbed, attempted to sell drugs or beat) with great pleasure and skill. It is not necessary to hope for the help of the police, it does not look into dangerous areas. Yes, and near the fashionable tourist hotel can be trapped criminals, but not alone, but representatives of gangs. In general, do not choose Caracas city for a relaxing holiday.