The best beaches in Russia 2016( Top 10)

Analytical agency "Turstat" has published rating of the best beaches of Russia .The beaches were rated according to the following categories: cleanliness of the water, comfort level of the holiday-makers( availability of amenities such as toilet, shower, sunbeds), safety( rescue service) and the opportunity to stroll into the city.

Unfortunately, not a single Russian beach was included in the list of the best beaches in the world according to National Geographic.


  • 10. Amber( Kaliningrad Region)
  • 9. Amber Offshore Baikal
  • 8. Shamorovo( Azure Bay, Vladivostok)
  • 7. Long Spit( Yeisk District, Krasnodar Territory)
  • 6. Curonian Spit( Lesnoy, Kaliningradskayaarea)
  • 5. Imeretinsky( Sochi)
  • 4. Sudzhukskaya spit( Tsemesskaya bay, Novorossiysk)
  • 3. Djemet( Anapa)
  • 2. Gold( Feodosiya, Crimea)
  • 1. Massandra( Yalta, Crimea)

10. AmberKaliningrad region)

The first holder of the "blue flag" in Russia - this award is handed overXia only meets the highest standards of quality beaches. To Amber became one of the cleanest beaches in Russia, the administration had to work hard - in the territory there were umbrellas from the sun, toilets with sewerage, water and lighting, shower, comfortable cabanas for changing clothes. For the disabled, a special floor was built, thanks to which they can easily reach the water.

9. Posolskiy sor( Baikal)

Shallow bay, fenced off from the cleanest lake of Russia with a sandy scythe. The water here is quiet and warms up to twenty degrees in summer. The bottom of the bay was covered with algae, in which a lot of fish dwell, including the famous amolye omul. Nearby Posolskogo there are many attractions - from the Baikal Nature Reserve to the shamanic temple.

8. Shamorovsky( Azure Bay, Vladivostok)

Local residents are rather skeptical about getting to Shamorovo beach in the top 10 of the best beaches in Russia - in June, vacationers "rejoiced" the view of overcrowded garbage containers, a dense layer of rotting sea kale on the sand and floating inwater garbage bags. However, the administration supplied a new rescue tower and contracted workers to clean the beach.

7. Long spit( Yeisk district, Krasnodar region)

Nature monument of the Krasnodar Territory, something like a huge wedge that goes into the Sea of ​​Azov. The Wedge is bordered by beaches of shell rock, and on the body of the wedge there are many freshwater lakes abounding in fish.

6. Curonian Spit( Lesnoye, Kaliningrad Oblast)

A unique nature preserve in its kind. Those who wish can plunge into the salty waters of the Baltic Sea, or into the fresh water of the Curonian Lagoon. The beach near the village of Lesnoy is one of the most beautiful - wide, clean, there is a rental of sun loungers, and next to it there is a promenade with numerous cafes.

5. Imeretinsky( Sochi)

Imeretinsky artificial origin, one of the best beaches in the resorts of the Black Sea coast of Russia. The beach is landscaped - there are sun loungers, umbrellas, a shower, a toilet, a rescue station with doctors. Nearby there are terraces, where there are cafes, dance floors and sports facilities.

4. Sujuk Spit( Tsemesskaya Bay, Novorossiysk)

The gulf, which is closed on all sides, is famous for its clean and warm water in the summer. The beach is well equipped, there are showers, locker rooms, toilets. At the rental points you can get umbrellas, deckchairs and stuff. The entrance to the beach for cars is prohibited, but there is parking nearby.

3. Djemet( Anapa)

It is considered one of the cleanest beaches of the Black Sea in Russia. It has a flat, flat descent, the depth is accumulated gradually, without cliffs and holes, and it is pleasant to walk along the white sandy bottom. The water warms up well, but due to the small current and the wind it does not stagnate. Even garbage - a scourge of beaches on the Black Sea coast - bypasses the beach in Djemet by the side, as it sweeps to the bottom of the bay.

2. Gold( Theodosius, Crimea)

Huge sandy strip in 15 km long and about 100 m wide - one of the best beaches in Russia, a favorite place for recreation of locals and tourists. The beach area is actively improved, there are showers, toilets, rental shops, and entertainment complexes are nearby, including the famous "Club 117" in Crimea.

1. Massandrovsky( Yalta, Crimea)

And the first place in the rating gets the first Crimean beach, earned the "blue flag".The water here is wonderful - clean, transparent, even despite the crowded. The best beach in Yalta is divided into 6 zones, some of which are paid. In one of the sectors there are even reed bungalows, where you can hide from the sun. All zones are equipped with locker rooms, there are bars, showers, and a variety of entertainment - from water attractions to the shooting range.