The best first cars for novice drivers

For a novice driver, one of the dominant factors in choosing a car is money. And it's not just about the price of the machine itself, but about the cost of operating costs and insurance. It makes sense to choose an inexpensive, possibly second-hand machine, unpretentious in maintenance and at the same time safe. The worst car for a novice driver will be a sports car, prompting for fidgeting on the road.

We present to you the best first cars for the beginning drivers according to the car edition

5. Kia Rio hatchback

  • 4. Renault Twingo hatchback
  • 3. Ford Fiesta hatchback
  • 2. Hyundai i10 hatchback
  • 1. Skoda Citigo hatchback
  • 5. Kia Rio hatchback

    Comfortable and beautiful five-door car. The diesel version of the hatchback, although more demanding for fuel quality, is one of the most economical cars on the car market. At the petrol version the fuel consumption makes 8-9 liters on a city. A five-year warranty( or 150,000 km) from the manufacturer gives the car owner peace of mind. Another advantage of the machine is the acceptable cost( from 564 to 900 rubles in the basic configuration).And if you add to the advantages of high ground clearance and automatic transmission, it becomes clear why the Kia Rio hatchback takes place in the list of the best first cars for a novice driver. In the crash tests by the Euro NCAP method, the 2012 model scored 5 stars.

    4. Renault Twingo hatchback

    "Old, but useful," as the Terminator could have seen when he saw this car. The chic "exterior", small dimensions, which will not be difficult to find a parking space, and maneuverability make the Renault Twingo hatchback a good choice as the first car for an inexperienced driver. From 1993 to 1994, the model was produced with a 1.2-liter 55 hp engine, and in 2000 the manufacturer replaced the engine with a 16-valve, adding a horsepower car( there were 75 of them) at the same volume. In crash tests by the Euro NCAP method, the updated Renault Twingo received 4 stars. The price of a used car is 80,000 rubles and more.

    3. Ford Fiesta hatchback

    A more expensive "iron horse" compared to other models in the ranking of the best first cars for novice drivers. The cost of a new car starts from 637 000 rubles. But for this money you will get an attractive exterior, comfortable interior and high reliability. In the Euro NCAP crash tests, the car received five stars. The hatchback Ford Fiesta is offered with a petrol( fuel consumption of 7-10 liters) or a diesel engine and in three- and five-door variants. The three-door car looks neat and sporty, but getting into the back of the car is difficult. The five-door model is much more convenient in this respect.

    2. Hyundai i10 hatchback

    This model offers everything we love in Hyundai cars: low cost( 250,000 rubles for a used car), reliability, rich equipment. According to the owners of petrol, the car "sniffs"( fuel consumption of 6-7 liters), it is not much more expensive to travel on it than on public transport. Its compact size, smooth gear shifting, confident driving behavior makes Hyundai's budget car almost the ideal choice for an inexperienced driver. Almost - because not 5, but only 4 stars in crash tests.

    1. Skoda Citigo hatchback

    The first place in the top 10 best cars for beginners is Skoda Citigo in the hatchback body. Despite its tiny dimensions( width - 1.65 meters, length - 3.56 meters), the car of the Czech brand is as safe as possible. In the rating of Euro NCAP, he scored five stars. The hatchback engine is moved forward to the maximum, and thanks to this, as well as a 240-centimeter wheelbase and a cabin width of 136 cm, passengers sitting in the back seat will not suffer from crowdedness. On the highway, the engine accelerates slowly, but the driver with a little experience is hardly necessary to squeeze out the maximum speed from the car."Eats" Skoda Citigo is small, only 5 liters of fuel. You can buy it in the Czech Republic for 180 thousand kroons( officially it is not sold in Russia).