Top 10 fastest people in the world

Running a distance of one hundred meters is one of the most popular and prestigious competitions in the world of track and field since 1896.If the runner overcomes him in 10 seconds, he is a world class sprinter. And if the time is even shorter, then this athlete is among the 10 of the fastest people in the world , the difference between which is measured in literally milliseconds, and even the criterion such as the speed of tailwind is taken into account when measuring the results.



10. Bruni Surin

  • 9. Donovan Bailey
  • 8. Steve Mullings
  • 7. Justin Gatlin
  • 6. Maurice Green
  • 5. Nesta Carter
  • 4. Asafa Powell
  • 3. Johan Blake
  • 2. Tyson Gay _
  • 1Usain Bolt is the fastest man
  • 10. Bruni Surin

    The Canadian athlete was among the fastest people in 1999 in the world track and field championship in Seville, Spain, where he overcame a ten-second barrier and won a silver medal. In 2009, Surin became the new Canadian record holder in the 50 meters race( group from 40 to 45 years) running this distance for 6.15 seconds .Currently, Surin is not a part of the world of big sports, he heads the company for the production of sports nutrition and also released a clothing line, which he called Surin without embarrassment.

    9. Donovan Bailey

    Now Donovan Bailey has been vacationing from the world of big sports for a long time, but in 1996, during the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, he crossed the finish line, spending to overcome the 100-meter distance of just 9.84 seconds .And he became the first Canadian athlete, included in the list of the fastest runners in the world.

    8. Steve Mullings

    The young Jamaican athlete first crossed the ten-second barrier in 28 years, and by the end of the year did it seven more times. June 4, 2011 in Eugene, Oregon, he ran a hundred-meter mark for 9.80 seconds , winning a place in the top ten among the fastest people on the planet.

    7. Justin Gatlin

    American athlete Justin Gatlin, Olympic champion, at the moment is in seventh place among people who are able to develop the maximum speed for a person. In 2012, at the Olympics in England, he repeated the achievement of Green( 9.79 seconds ) and received a bronze medal.

    6. Maurice Greene

    Four-time Olympic champion and five-time world champion Maurice Green specialized in sprint races and set a world speed record on June 16, 1999 in Athens, Greece. He ran a hundred-meter mark in 9.79 seconds .

    5. Nesta Carter

    Another Jamaican runner entered the rating of the fastest people on Earth, completing the 100m race for just 9.78 seconds .Nesta also boasts world records in the relay 4x100 meters( 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China), in the world championship in athletics in 2011 and, one year later, in the London Olympics.

    4. Asafa Powell

    Asafa held the world championship in running speed for three years - from June 2005 to May 2008 and to the present remains one of the fastest people in the history of mankind. Asafa won his title by running a hundred-meter mark for 9.72 seconds at the Grand Prix in track and field athletics in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2008.By October 2012, he successfully crossed the ten-second barrier when running 100 meters as much as 88 times - more than any other runner.

    3. Johan Blake

    The second number of high-speed top-10 is( or rather, runs) an athlete nicknamed "The Beast".Whether it corresponds to its inner world is unknown, but it really runs very fast. Blake rushed to the finish line for 9.69 seconds at the championship in Lausanne in 2012, becoming the youngest among the fastest runners on the planet. Then he was only 19 years old. In the same year at the London Olympics, he almost stepped on the heels of Usain Bolt in races at 100 and 200 meters, and in the relay 4x100 meters won a world record.

    2. Tyson Gay

    On the second line among the fastest athletes in the world is American athlete Tyson Gay, who ran 100 points for 9.69 seconds in September 2009.Only Tyson and Maurice Green managed to win the first places in three competitions at once in a one hundred and two hundred meters race, and four relay races for one time.

    1. Usain Bolt - the fastest person

    AND The first place in the ranking of the fastest people on the Earth is taken by another native of Jamaica - Usain Bolt. Willy-nilly you begin to believe in the special aura of this place, which positively influences a person's ability to develop a high speed. Usain won his world record in 2009, at the world championship in track and field athletics in Berlin. The distance of 100 meters was overcome for the stunning imagination of 9.58 seconds .Usain was able to set world records for running speed, not only in the 100 meter race, but also at 200( 19.19 seconds) and in the 4x100 relay( 36.84 seconds).

    According to the number of won gold medals, Bolt caught up with world-famous athlete Carl Lewis and the legend of Olympic sports Paavo Nurmi. What is the reason for Usain's extraordinary results-genetics, regime, training, luck or just he made a breakthrough into the future, as the scientist-astrophysicist Ethan Siegel believes? Whatever it was, but Usain's sporting reputation paid off with interest. At the moment he is considered the highest paid athlete in the world.