Top 10 Most Successful Venture Investors in Russia 2013

Every year Forbes experts publish the so-called "List of Midas".It includes the most successful venture capital investors in the world, i.e.people who were not afraid to invest millions of dollars in an ambitious but sometimes risky project. Do not stand aside and Russian entrepreneurs who are able to assess the potential of any undertaking and invest in the most worth of them.

They are the ones who entered the Top-10 most successful venture investors in Russia in 2013.


10. Sergey Belousov

  • 9. Marina Treschova
  • 8. Andrey Kazakov
  • 7. Ulvi Kasimov
  • 6. Eduard Shenderovich
  • 5. Mikhail Chuchkevich
  • 4. Alexander Galitsky
  • 3. Leonid Boguslavsky
  • 2. Victor Remsha
  • 1Yury Milner
  • 10. Sergey Belousov

    Under the management of the Runa Capital fund owned by Belousov - $ 135 million. Until 2012, the fund had a stake in the British company ThinkGrid, which provides cloud services. Together with the Alexander Galitsky Foundation, Belousov is a co-owner of Parallels IT company.

    9. Marina Treschova

    The only woman in the top ten venture investors, until 2012, was the co-owner of the online store of shoes Sapato. Among other well-known projects of the Treasova Foundation is the shopping cart, Live TV.

    8. Andrei Kazakov

    The youngest participant of the Top-10 is only 27 years old, but several good deals have already been made on the account of his fund Foresight Ventures. The first is a joint participation in the creation of the service in comparison to the prices for hotels DealAngel, as well as the social network of realtors Rentjuice and service for travel agencies Flextrip.

    7. Ulvi Kasimov

    The largest deal of Kasimov's IQ One venture fund is the sale of a part of the shares in the cloud service for the automation of Megaplan business to the market leader, 1C.Kasimov - one of the largest investors in the Peterhof fund - he contributed 5 million rubles, receiving part of the fund for his management.

    6. Edward Shenderovich

    Created by Shenderovich in 2006, the Kite Ventures fund has managed about $ 60 million. The most successful investments of the fund are gambling sites, OGL ru,,, discount site Darberry, site of hotel reservation Ostrovok.

    5. Mikhail Chuchkevich

    Under the management of the venture capital fund Bright Capital, headed by Chuchkevich, - $ 220 million. The largest fund transaction in recent years is the sale of a hotel selection service for DealAngel. Chuchkevich started venture investments, being on the post of Chubais' adviser in the GC "Rosnano".

    4. Alexander Galitsky

    The founder of the Almaz Capital Partners fund is running about $ 200 million. Galitsky is one of the sponsors of the high-profile Foundation B612 project, whose goal is to raise money for the production of a space telescope to track asteroids.

    3. Leonid Boguslavsky

    Boguslavsky - co-owner of Venture Funds ru-Net Ventures, RTP Ventures. The capitalist participates in more than 20 companies, mostly connected with the Internet. The investor owns a 20% stake in one of the largest Internet shops Runet - megamarket

    2. Victor Remsha

    For the first time about Remsche started talking as a successful venture investor after the sale in 2012 of 49.9% of the advertising service Begun of the United Company Rambler and Afisha. The head of the Finam fund is also known for investing in the resource, the service for the compilation of horoscopes Astrostar, as well as in the production of computer games.

    1. Yuri Milner

    The founder of the DTS fund is the most successful venture investor and the only one among the Russians who appeared in the world-wide "Midas List", having occupied the 35th line. Millner's fabulous profit was derived from investments in Facebook, Zygna, Groupon and other Internet projects. The most promising among Milner's current investments are IPO Twitter, as well as the Chinese Alibaba Group.