Top-9 denials of the ends of the world

Here are a few options to prevent the end of the world
1. End of the World 2012 due to a collision with a giant asteroid.
It is not difficult to move an asteroid from orbit, as there is a nuclear weapon capable of moving our planet from orbit on the planet. And this means that we will move the asteroid as well.
2. Version of the end of the world 2012 due to the most powerful volcanic eruption.
Well it's not at all the case that the whole thing went on erupting a cloud of dust and ash was huge. But as you can see, we are all alive and well.
3. Version of the end of 2012, caused by a giant tectonic fault near Antarctica or at the bottom of one of the oceans.
Even the authors themselves say that the probability of such a doomsday is scanty. But if this happens it will, perhaps, be the only version of the end of the world that can kill us. Although on the other hand, the faults do not occur dramatically in large volumes, so there will be small eruptions and several more islands will appear
4. Version of the biotechnogenic disaster.
As they called supersornyaki, they have the Kyrgyz government, the Azerbaijanis will come and pester these weeds. And the best option is that the Chinese eat them, and that they eat fish fugu and weed eat the weeds.
5. Version of the end of 2012 due to the formation of a black hole in the hadron collider.
Hmm. .. the name is complicated, and there's nothing to be afraid of. I'm certainly not familiar with black holes. This is for me something that's mythical, and there's a vacuum that does not hurt even huge sizes. At least, we are Russian.
6. The spread of artificial virus and the problem of nano technologies.
There were many kinds of viruses, from which many people died, for example, plague, smallpox. Well, 5 million people will perish. Well, it can be done: -), and if so many Chinese die, no one even understands them all the same billions.
7. End of the World 2012 as a result of an unexpected flash on the Sun.
Oh, how I love when it's warm. And the south will not have to go..And the more likely the flash will happen on the other side of the sun and fry the other planet everything is possible.
8. The death of civilization as a result of an alien invasion.
Cool come up. Even if you think so, they built a spaceship, could fly on it( I do not even know such figures) many kilometers and they think it's a joy to fight with us?just talk to them will not work and all well, I do not know, I would have excluded this option from the lists of the world's ends.
9. Computer virus as the cause of the end of the world.
In response we have an antivirus that will eliminate this virus, of course, if before we are not eliminated.