Top 10 ways to quit smoking

Before you get rid of the habit of smoking, in the first place, you need to understand: smoking is not a passion but a psychological and physiological dependence on cigarettes. At the same time, physiological dependence is not particularly serious, as it may seem. Overcome it is very real. It is more difficult to get rid of psychological dependence. This requires motivation. Therefore, a person should never stop smoking, well, only if he does not want to of course:) .

Method 1. Go to the break: "Take the bull by the horns."Having a huge willpower, you can quit smoking immediately. Simply dunk the last cigarette and forget about the bad habit. Although if you are capable of such a feat, you probably already quit smoking. And this article is not for you at all.

Method 2. A common, however, often not effective method is to exchange tobacco for sweets or seeds. That is, try to deceive your body - take something and your mouth and hands at a time when you usually inhaled the smoke from a cigarette. They say it helps someone.

Method 3 .For those who want to save money. They are recommended to put a program on the computer counting how much it is possible to save by giving up cigarettes. With her help, you'll know until about. How much you refrain from smoking and how to spend the money that you saved. And this amount will not be superfluous. An active smoker will not take much time to "earn", for example, a good phone, or for a year to save up for a trip somewhere to the south.

Method 4. This is more a compromise than a complete failure. The idea is to smoke less cigarettes every day. And then, when you get to one cigarette, you can try one of the more effective ways. It's much easier to give up one cigarette a day than a whole pack.

Method 5. Quit smoking for a company with someone - a colleague, a friend, even a mistress. One condition - there must certainly be a person with whom you spend a lot of time. For greater efficiency, be sure to put severe measures of restraint in your contract, better economic ones. And no indulgence.

Method 6. Ask friends, acquaintances, neighbors how they quit smoking. Of their methods, of course, there are standing, to which you can listen.

Method 7 .Scare yourself. Take a small piece of paper the size of a pack of cigarettes, on it write everything that nicotine harms the for you and paste it to a pack of cigarettes. So, always, when the hand is drawn to cigarettes, the mind will instantly react. Although, to this, the same mind, quickly gets used to and does not notice.

Method 8. If these "folk" methods do not help you, you can ask for help from a doctor. Quite effective are acupuncture and coding. With acupuncture, the needles are injected into the biologically active points of the auricle, blocking and erasing the "smoker's reflex".When coding, the doctor-psychotherapist gives the patient a setting to give up tobacco and conducts a hypnosis session. The bottom line is to instill horror on the subconscious before smoking.

Method 9. Perhaps, not at all effective, but more highly advertised, are medicines for the healing of tobacco dependence. The most common of these is the antinucotin patch, which supplies the skin to the body with nicotine, thus removing physical dependence, but not psychological. Probably, because of those who did get rid of the bad habit with the help of products of the pharmaceutical industry, I personally did not have to meet.

Method 10. Get Alen Carra's book "Easy way to quit smoking".Surprisingly, this book actually helps.

Some of the above methods resemble medieval torture. Although the "victims" will not be in vain. According to doctors, after the last cigarette you smoked, black and white 20 minutes.the pressure is normalized, the work of the heart is restored and blood circulation in the extremities improves. A h / o 8 hours normalizes the oxygen content in the blood. If you do not smoke more than 2 days, then the taste and smells will increase. After a week, the complexion will improve, the unpleasant smells from the skin and hair will disappear. N / A will begin to recover: the headache, fatigue and cough will disappear, it will become easier to breathe.