The best gifts for February 23, rating

Men sometimes have the most unusual and extraordinary desires, for example, everyone once dreamed of flying a fighter, or flying into space. I present to your attention rating: the best gifts for February 23rd. Make yourself comfortable and pre-plan your budget sources:)


  • Go to weightlessness
  • Fly on a fighter
  • Ride a tank
  • Play hockey
  • Play comrade
  • Look, but do not touch
  • Kill a friend
  • Shoot from a pistol
  • Drink and light

To visit the weightlessness of

To visit the exact copy of Mir station in the Star City Astronaut Training Center, test the simulators on which the astronauts are trained, and even look into the MCC- on a direct communication with the ISS.

It is possible to boo to the blade, giving the defender a sense of weightlessness. In the Star City operates a flying laboratory - Airbus IL-76.The state of weightlessness is achieved through a special orbit of the ship's motion. The flight time is about 1.5 hours. At the same time in a state of weightlessness, novice astronauts stay only 5-7 minutes. There is a procedure of about 700 thousand rubles.(for a team of up to 15 people).

Fly on a fighter

It is possible to rent a real plane. At the helm, of course, the pilot. Flights are carried out jointly with pilots on L-39 aircraft( 60 thousand rubles for half an hour), MOMENT-23( 135 thousand rubles), MOMENT-29( 240 thousand rubles), MOMENT-25( 330 thousand rubles.).The airfields of the basing are located in the Moscow suburbs. First - medical examination. Restrictions on the weight of the client - up to 120 kilograms, by age - from 16 to 75 years. Next, the client will be driven by high-altitude oxygen weapons( say, masks) and explain how to use it. At the preflight preparation they will tell you how to catapult, and they will offer to write a receipt on the awareness of the degree of risk. After the flight, a certificate is issued confirming the achieved speed and altitude parameters.

Ride on a tank

Real tank fights at the request of the client will be able to deploy at one of the suburban ranges. The service is offered by the Tank Museum in Kubinka. True, as stated on its official web site, "holiday shows with tanks and commercial skating on tanks" are now prohibited. Exception is made only for "VIP-persons and corporate events of business firms".A two-hour walk will cost min in 75 thousand rubles. For these money you not only roll around the landfill, but you will also be allowed to shoot. The venue of the event is kept secret until the last moment. On which of the tank sites in the suburbs waiting for customers, they will be informed for a couple of hours before the start. With him it is possible to take several escorts, even children are permitted.

Playing hockey

Crossing ice on the ice is another expensive and fashionable entertainment. Rent a skating rink in Moscow reaches up to 50 thousand an hour. You will also need to purchase hockey ammunition. The stick costs an average of 5000 rubles, skates - 4000, a helmet - 2500.

A set of hockey outfits will cost an average of 18 thousand rubles.

Playing comrade

To customers with a good sense of humor, specialized Moscow entertainment agencies offer various jokes. Probably played will be amazed when the inspector of traffic police who stopped him during the verification of documents pleasant baritone will suddenly tighten the military song. Or near the entrance of the comrade will be met by a military band and girls in the form of khaki color, pouring out 50 grams of combat. The smallest fee is 35 thousand rubles: this is exactly the amount that a "joke" with a traffic cop will result.

Look, but do not touch

Striptease today is unlikely to surprise anyone: erotic shows are held in many Moscow clubs. Dancers can also be ordered at home. The cost of the issue on the eve of the men's holiday is about 8000 rubles. As promised in specialized agencies, these funds will be taken into account "all the wishes of customers": what to dance and what. Artists will be able to come even with their own light music. The only requirement is to provide them with a room or dressing room for changing clothes. The duration of the show is half an hour.

Kill Friend

Play paintball on the weekend will be difficult - most of the Moscow clubs bought another month.back, orders for Feb. 23.began to arrive in Oct. . Although if you look, then a free polygon is found somewhere on the outskirts or in the suburbs. The hangar is provided to companies of 8 people. The cost of a ticket for each - 600 rubles. This amount includes 2 and a half hours of "military action", a protective form, a helmet and weapons. Plus, the package of 2000 "cartridges" for 3000 rubles. Per person, a game of paintball will cost 1400 rubles.

Shoot from the pistol

Even inexperienced shooters with great speed will teach to shoot at a dash. They are assisted by the services of an instructor. Many metropolitan galleries have already been booked. The service is relatively inexpensive. In total, for 700 rubles.the client will be provided with an hour of shooting on targets from a sports small-caliber weapon - a pistol or a rifle.

To drink and enlighten

Well, the main male entertainment is vodka. Variety leisure is possible in the Moscow Museum of Vodka. Special events for 23 Feb.there are not planned - for the holidays here and so full of visitors. On the tour tell about how the culture of drinking in the Russian Federation was formed( it is, the guides say), and at the farewell pour a glass of vodka - 25 grams. You can not get drunk. But cheap: 50 rubles. Entrance ticket and 100 - 30-minute group excursion.