Samsung Galaxy S5: The most energy-efficient smartphone in 2014

Without going into the main technical characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy S5 , we will pay attention to the details: after all, the screen resolution, the type of processor with its clock speed, the amount of RAM and other parameters for the top flagships of the first half of 2014 are not much different. But with a detailed review becomes visible the difference, which contributes to a more conscious choice of smartphone.

So, SGS5 received a fingerprint scanner after the iPhone 5s, but here its execution is a bit controversial: in the iPhone 5s the scanner can be used to unlock the screen, and in SGS5 too, however in the first case it is enough to put a finger on the Home button, and in the second- hold on the touch screen, touching the center key. It is quite difficult to do it with one hand. Can someone manage to use the scanner, holding the smartphone with one hand, but with the standard size of the palm and the length of the fingers of one left, such unlocking the phone is inconvenient. But this is a claim to the buyer. In the rest, the scanner works correctly and without any complaints( the system is able to remember up to three prints).

Battery capacity SGS5, compared with the company's previous flagship, increased by 200 mAh and now is 2800 mAh. Samsung phone prices are largely dependent on technical achievements, because in design and user-functions, Koreans remain conservative.

Translating the numbers into the language, the current S5 indicators are 390 hours of work in stand-alone mode, 21 hours of talk time, 10 hours when watching videos in high definition and just over 45 hours of listening to audiobooks or music. If you abstract and believe Samsung for a word, an amazing picture comes out, however, we all need to understand: whatever the manufacturer says, the Android-smartphone will not last so much!

SGS5 with direct tests worked not 10 claimed, but as much as 12 hours in video playback mode! Note that this is 12 hours of video only, and nothing more. And when was the last time you used any function of your smartphone in non-stop mode? So if you simultaneously use Wi-Fi, messenger and a couple of standard applications, often working by default, declared 10 hours and will not be close. This is the details.

In fact, Samsung Galaxy S5 still works longer than any competitor included in the rating of smartphones in 2014.Neither the HTC One M8 nor the LG G3 can reach it. And not so much because of the 2800 mAh, which the battery has, but because of two additional modes of energy saving( by the way, in the current version of the user interface, they have fast access, so if necessary, do not have to dig for a long time in the settings).The first of the improved modes of economy of a charge of the battery assumes introduction of time restrictions on use of the majority of applications and transfer of a smart phone into a black-and-white mode. The latter, by the way, for Samsung smartphones is generally an ideal option:the displays of the phones are made using AMOLED technology, black and gray color display almost or completely do not consume energy. The abundance of gray when activating this mode of the eyes is not pleasing, but in fact in a critical situation you can and be patient! Verdict: with 10% charge in this mode, the smartphone will live quietly without an outlet for another 4 hours.

But this is what: when activation of extreme saving mode restricts the use of applications only to a list of basic applications and programs selected by the user, disabling the transfer of mobile data when disabling the backlight of the main screen, and disabling all wireless communication options, except GSM, with the same 10% of the phone will work for a whole day!

In addition, SGS5 has a lot of practical system features, a "parent" mode, as well as a ton of branded applications that are really convenient to use every day( S Health, for example).