The cleanest water in the world

With the approach of summer, we often dream of plunging into a cool and clean water. True, not always available beaches are pleased with impeccable cleanliness. There are, however, places on Earth where water is really transparent and virtually untouched by civilization.

In today's top ten we have assembled the world's cleanest water bodies .Yes, not all of them are suitable for swimming, but enjoying the contemplation of the bottom through a 40-meter thick water is a special pleasure.


  • 10. Lake Creight( Oregon, USA)
  • 9. Beach Buck Buck( Borneo Island)
  • 8. Lake Mashu( Japan)
  • 7. Flooded cave of red stone( Australia)
  • 6. Lake Peito( Canada)
  • 5. Lake Baikal( Russia)
  • 4. Lake of five colors( China)
  • 3. Lake Jenny( Wyoming, USA)
  • 2. Rio Sukuri( Brazil)
  • 1. Lake Königssee( Germany)

10. Lake Creight( Oregon, USA)

This crater lake is famous for its clear water and deep blue color. The lake was formed more than 7,700 years ago. One of the attractions of the Kreiter is a huge log that has been floating vertically over the entire surface for more than a century.

9. Beach Buck Buck( Borneo Island)

The water here is so clean that you can see every blade of grass from the algae covering the huge boulders. This beach is unpopular among tourists, because going into the water is very uncomfortable. This circumstance has allowed to keep the water crystal clear.

8. Lake Mashu( Japan)

The reservoir in the Akan National Park is considered one of the purest in the world. The lake is at the foot of the mountain of the same name. The transparency of the water here is amazing - it reaches more than meters. To tourists could appreciate the local beauty, for them several viewing platforms are equipped over the water.

7. Flooded cave made of red stone( Australia)

This place is very popular for visiting tourists, while looking at the smallest pebbles at the bottom of a fairly deep lake for hours. The transparency of the water somewhat reduces the slight ripples that arise from the nearby waterfall.

6. Lake Peito( Canada)

The purest lake in the Banff National Park was formed as a result of the melting of the glacier at an altitude of 1860 meters. One of the "highlights" of the lake is the tropical turquoise color of water.

5. Lake Baikal( Russia)

The deepest lake in the world can boast of unusually clear water. In some places you can see the bottom, located at a depth of more than meters. The special purity of Baikal water is reached in the spring.

4. Lake of five colors( China)

An unusual lake is in the province of Sichuan. The bottom of the lake is covered with the trunks of fallen trees, which can be examined in every detail, thanks to crystal clear water. They feed the lake underground sources, the heat of which does not allow it to freeze even in severe winters.

3. Lake Jenny( Wyoming, USA)

The reservoir was formed about thousands of years ago in the process of melting glaciers. By the way, the lake got its name from an Indian girl who married British pioneer Richard Lee.

2. Rio Sukuri( Brazil)

This river is so clean and transparent that it creates the illusion that floating in the water fishes flutter in the air. Together with the shores of the lush greenery, the Sukuri River creates a very picturesque landscape that attracts tourists. One of the most popular entertainment on Sukuri is swim with a mask and snorkel.

1. Lake Königssee( Germany)

This one of the of the world's cleanest reservoirs was formed as a result of the melting of glaciers. Only vessels with electric motors, rowing boats and pedal catamarans are allowed to move around the lake. In the very middle of the lake you can hear an unusually clear and clear echo, to which the surrounding mountains contribute.