The most beautiful views from the apartments of Paris

Attractions in Paris are sold. More truly, the beautiful picture which can appear at you behind glass is on sale. Many are willing to pay well for the only opportunity every morning to wake up and, looking out the window, realize that they are in the best city of the Earth. Reporters of the portal for real estate chose the most interesting apartment apartments of Paris .All of them are absolutely exclusive, but for various reasons their owners decided to part with their diamonds - for a round sum.

The more sights the eye catches in one frame, the better. From this two-storey apartment, for which the owners plan to earn € 4.5 million, you can see both the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, and the only one in the center of the Montparnasse skyscraper.

Discerning buyers prefer not to trivialize and choose housing closer to the Eiffel Tower. The penthouse with terrace is perfect not only for luxurious living, but also for hosting a large number of guests or holding a dinner party.

Businessmen should pay attention to the apartments, where you can see the icon of the business world - financial district of Défense. It is enough to turn your head, and the majestic Triumphal Arch, built by the decree of Emperor Napoleon, opens.

The two-hundred-square-meter apartment near the Luxembourg garden sells for € 7.35 million - it's exactly € 36 thousand per sq.m. In other cities of Europe for such money you can buy whole apartments or even separate houses, but from them you will not see neither the Cathedral of Notre Dame nor the Pantheon.

You can also enjoy views of the Eiffel Tower from a house located right on the Champs de Mars, the most beloved place in Paris, in France, and possibly in the whole world.

The great creation of the great Eiffel is seen almost everywhere. Going to the window of this apartment, located on the 7th floor, you can see the boats sailing through the Seine, and climbing to the terrace - admiring the circular panorama of the capital. The price is equivalent to € 10.5 million for 360 sq.m.

Surprisingly, there are apartments, good types of which depend on the season. The owner of this apartment on the Seine embankment will contemplate the Eiffel Tower only in winter: in the spring the trees are dressed in foliage and close the landmark.

The famous democratic and creative district of Montmartre is among the most visited places in Paris. From the elegantly furnished apartments, you can see the endless sea of ​​Parisian rooftops, behind which stands the famous hill and the Sacré-Cœur basilica that crowns it.

The apartment in the house on the Place des Vosges - the favorite place of rest for the townspeople - is for € 4.9 million. The opportunity to have an address on the oldest and at the same time not the smallest square in Paris( 140 by 140 meters) certainly costs such money.

When it comes to the area, you can not ignore the Victory Square - but not for the grandeur and scope, but for the miniature and comfort. A small neat square looks particularly nice, if you look at it from the window or from the terrace of your own apartment.