The best way to ensure the safety of the child in the car

At the present time in Europe the great attention is paid to the provision of child safety in motor vehicles. They produce and continuously improve various means for the safe movement of children in the car. For example, in Western Europe, the baby will not be discharged from the hospital until a happy dad provides a special means for transporting the baby.

Baby car seat

And how are we? Since recent times, sitting in the car of a child in a special car seat, on the roads of Russia could be seen very rarely. However, since January 2007, when there were changes in the traffic rules that require transportation of children under 12 years with "the use of special restraints," the motoring parents were also agitated, frightened of the promised fines, and they had to buy a baby car seat for their baby. However, so far only a small part of Russian motorists are transporting their children in specialized children's car seats. All the rest are tormented by the question of how to choose the right car seat and whether, in general, it is necessary to buy it. Worth it! Required! Not because the policemen "did not bother", but in order to protect their child as much as possible.

Why do I need a baby car seat?

The main task of the children's car seat is to ensure the safety of the child, not only in road accidents, but also with sudden braking or an emergency maneuver. At this time, many companies offer different types and buy a baby car seat is not so difficult - the main thing is to have the desire and money. It is important to know that the child car seat must be properly fixed in the car's interior, and the child in it correctly was fastened. For this purpose, manufacturers equip children's car seats with stickers, which show instructions that clearly show the process of correct attachment. Also, children's car seats help kids to travel with comfort.

Children's videos

A little older, children tend to skate, because words can not convey those emotions and adrenaline during skiing! Roller skates for children, in other way children's videos - this is the most popular and popular product for outdoor activities for children! Still, videos are not just fashionable fun, but also an excellent tool for the development of the child. Coordination, strengthening the muscles of the legs and other muscle groups, the ability to control your body - the development of just such very important skills is promoted by children's roller skates.

The design of children's rollers is designed in a special way for maximum safe riding. There are even such children's videos, on which children can ride, starting from three years old. Such skates have in the rear instead of a single wheel two centered apart, which virtually eliminates the lateral load on the ankle ligament.

And of course, do not forget about protective equipment. The main attributes are a helmet, knee pads, wristbands and elbow pads, and even with drawings of your favorite characters. .. Such a set will naturally be liked by a young roller!