The longest novels in the history of literature

Not all writers agree with the statement "Brevity is the sister of talent".In today's compilation, we offer the longest novels in the history of literature. The authors spent years creating them. But they will take a long time to read.

By the way, the novel "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy was in the top ten, so every Russian schoolboy can proudly say that he is familiar with one of the longest books firsthand.


  • 10. Tokugawa Ieyasu, S. Yamaoka
  • 9. "Quiet Flows the Don", M. Sholokhov
  • 8. "Les Miserables", V. Hugo
  • 7. "In Search of the Lost Time", M. Proust
  • 6"The Forsyte Saga", D. Galsworthy
  • 5. "War and Peace", L. Tolstoy
  • 4. "Quincantx", C. Pallisher
  • 3. "Ulysses", J. Joy
  • 2. "Astrea", AboutD'Urfa
  • 1. "People of Goodwill", R. Jules

10. "Tokugawa Ieyasu", S. Yamaoka

This novel was published in parts in Japanese newspapers. If you collect all the parts in a single work, you will get at least 40 volumes. The plot of the novel is devoted to the first shogun of the Tokugawa clan, who unified the country and established peace in it.

9. "Quiet Flows the Don", M. Sholokhov

All four books that make up the novel take about 1,500 pages. In the novel 982 hero, of which 363 are real historical characters. For "Quiet Flows the Don" Sholokhov was awarded the Nobel Prize with the consent of Stalin.

8. "Les Miserables", V. Hugo

Hugo created one of his main works for eighteen years - from 1834 to 1852.Then the author repeatedly processed the text, adding and removing various fragments.

7. "In search of lost time", M. Proust

This is a whole cycle of 7 novels, in which there are more than two thousand characters. Books abound with emotional splashes, bizarre twists of the narrative. In total "In search of lost time" has more than one and a half million words, which occupy about 3,200 pages.

6. "The Forsyte Saga", D. Galsworthy

The novel of the Nobel laureate impresses with clearly defined characters. The work covers the family history from 1680 to the 1930s."Saga" was the basis for 6 adaptations, the most recent of which has a duration of 11.5 hours.

5. "War and Peace", L. Tolstoy

Everyone who read War and Peace can be divided into two categories. Some people are completely ecstatic about the novel, others can not tolerate it. But no one epoch-making work in three volumes does not leave indifferent.

4. "Quincantx", C. Palliser

This work is a modern stylization under the Victorian novel. Each of the two volumes has a volume of 800 pages, depending on the edition. The plot is full of mysteries, symbolism and unexpected turns.

3. "Ulysses", J. Joy

The novel is considered one of the best works of English prose."Ulysses" was written for seven long years, while it tells of one day of the Dublin Jew Leopold Bloom. The novel was first published in parts from 1918 to 1920.

2. Astrea, O. d'Urfa

The novel was written for 21 years of hard work. The work in the first edition fit on 5 399 pages. Published in 1607, the novel tells of the love of the cowherd Astrea and the shepherd Celadona. The book contains a lot of false novels and poetic inclusions.

1. "People of Goodwill", R. Jules

The novel of the French playwright, writer and poet was published in 27 volumes. The work has more than two million words on 4 959 pages. The contents of the longest novel in the world have about 50 pages. It is noteworthy that the book does not have a single and clear storyline, and the number of characters exceeds four hundred.