Top 5 fascinating winter trips

People always dream of traveling. It is always interesting to learn about the life of people in other countries. Some like summer trips or in the off-season, others strive to go on the road in winter. The variety of travel in the winter is impressive. You can go sledging or skiing, go fishing, visit the most unusual entertainment centers, get acquainted with the traditions, customs or just go shopping. In this collection of 5 fascinating winter travel , which is better to plan now.


  • Japan
  • Republic of Belarus
  • Ireland
  • Finland
  • France


Japanese onsen - what do you know about them? This is one of the most popular in Japan entertainment - thermal hot springs. Laziness in them is loved not only by people, but also by local macaques. In the national park Dzesinetsu-Kogan, which is located nearby Tokyo, it is often possible to meet snow monkeys, relaxing in natural warm baths. You should definitely look at this sight!

Thousands of curious tourists come to these beautiful places every year. Snow falls on a fluffy carpet, steam comes from the sources. Monkeys cling to them and even throw snow. From the very beginning of the day, monkeys descend from trees, arranged in onsen. But such a spectacle can be seen only in the winter. In summer, primates in the springs are not found - there, in general, the travelers and the Japanese bathe. Another unforgettable spectacle in Japan is the Ice Sculpture Festival in Sapporo. Masters create about a hundred ice figures. They are placed on a large territory, various entertainment events are held - sports competitions, music competitions and others.


Belarus neighbors are best placed to stay in January - for the Kolyady winter holiday. In the period from 6 to 26 January, this holiday is celebrated. It is most interesting to celebrate in the very backwoods. Here you can get acquainted with old traditions, rituals, rites of Old Believers. Residents of villages dress up as mummers, go to each other's house, sing Christmas carols and Christmas songs.

After all the festivities people gather in their homes and cover the Christmas table. The variety of Christmas dishes is impressive. Belarusians are very friendly people and always welcome guests. So, that it is not difficult to get to them on a visit. You can also get acquainted with the sights - the prince's castles of the Poles and the manors that have survived to our times.


Despite the fact that most Catholics live in Ireland, during the winter celebrations here you can meet quite a few pagans who conduct their ancient ritual ceremonies. On the day of the winter solstice there are many different rituals. In Ireland there is its own "Stonehenge" - the oldest temple of Newgrange. It is located on the mound and is both a temple and a calendar. On the morning of December 21, at 9 o'clock, a real miracle happens in it: a ray of sun enters a hole and the space of a stone castle is flooded with bright light.

Not everyone can get into the temple. In order to get the opportunity to visit the temple, you need to register on the site. But even if you could not get your place in the temple, you should not be upset. Every year in Smithfield's city square in Dublin there is a fair. There, too, you can see the ritualistic rites and dances of the pagans for free. In case you are really a believer, then in the Cathedral of St. Mary you can attend mass and receive God's blessing.


If you really rest in Finland, it's better to do it in the north of the country. For example, you can visit Lapland and stay with Santa, or the small town of Kemi, which is located in the Botanical Gulf area, where an ice castle and an ice hotel Lumi Linna are built. This hotel is a true miracle. Designers use the ancient Saami style in its design. It is worth visiting the bar, where drinks are served in glasses made of ice. Well, what kind of rest in Finland without a traditional sauna?

December's most interesting phenomenon is the northern lights. Visit the capital of Lapland - Rovaniemi( 100 km from Kemi).This is a great opportunity to admire the northern lights, drive along the North Pole, and visit Santa Claus. Especially will be there for the children who are sure to receive the gift from Santa, and also learn how to bake delicious biscuits from ginger in a special kitchen at the gnomes, send a magic letter from Lapland to their relatives and friends. Another popular entertainment in Kemi is skating with a breeze in canine or reindeer sledding. Popular among tourists is a winter safari on sled dogs with dogs in Lapland.


On Christmas days, the country of chic and beauty - France turns into a huge festive fair with bright colors of lights, old-fashioned carousels, benches with various delicacies, sparkling merriment, which is not in France on an ordinary weekday. On the streets and squares there are free circus and theatrical performances, masquerades, bright lights. Every year in Lyon, there is a chocolate fair and the Festival of Lights in honor of the Virgin Mary.

Lyons very beautifully decorate their windows, put out burning candles. In the evening, when all the streets have already extinguished the light - it looks amazing. Travelers will be interested to visit the Cote d'Azur. In February, on the Riviera there is the height of various carnivals. In local restaurants you can try the dishes prepared from the next harvest of truffles.