Ranking of the top 15 hotels in Turkey in 2017

It's time to think about where and how to spend the May holidays and / or summer vacation. If your choice is Turkey, then the rating of the best Turkish hotels of 2017, compiled according to information taken from the TopHotels website, will not be deceived with the choice. Hotels with the highest rating and having 10 reviews were taken into account.


  • Top 5 best hotels in Turkey 3 stars 2017 - budget rest
    • 5. Adora 3 *
    • 4. Aldem Hotel 3 *
    • 3. Erboy 3 *
    • 2. Dogan Beach Resort &Spa 3 *
    • 1. Sapphire 3 *
  • Top 5 best hotels in Turkey 4 stars 2017 - price / quality
    • 5. Monachus Hotel &Spa 4 *
    • 4. Orient Express 4 *
    • 3. Monte Baia 4 *
    • 2. Kleopatra Ramira Hotel 4 *
    • 1. Gardenia Beach 4 *
  • Top 5 Best Hotels in Turkey 5 Stars 2017 - Top of Service
  • 5. Ciragan-Kempinski 5 *
    • 4. Adalya Elite Lara 5 *
    • 3. Barut Sorgun Sensatori 5 *
    • 2. Akka Residence 5 *
    • 1. D-Hotel Maris 5 *

Top 5 best hotels in Turkey 3 stars 2017 - budget rest

5Adora 3 *

Hotel rating: 4,67

Located in the heart of old Istanbul. And this is the main plus of the hotel. The rooms are small, the staff, though sincere, but in the oriental way is leisurely, and the buffet can not be called luxurious. But as an option for a tourist overnight is quite suitable.

4. Aldem Hotel 3 *

Hotel Rating: 4.73 Another Istanbul hotel located in the old city center in a quiet street. Several gradations of numbers, depending on the needs and thickness of the wallet - from triple to improved. The hotel has a beach at a distance of half a kilometer. The rooms are small but clean and the breakfast is quite decent.

3. Erboy 3 *

Hotel rating: 4,77 This Istanbul hotel is located in a newer building, and the choice of rooms is more - there are 85 of them. The rooms are small, but the equipment and cleaning exceed the level of three stars. On the top floor there is a restaurant with a panoramic view of Istanbul. If the reservation is more than three nights, the transfer to the airport is free.

2. Dogan Beach Resort &Spa 3 *

Hotel Rating: 4,83 Hotel type hotel is located near the city of Izmir. Have your own beach. Power( all inclusive) is very good and diverse. There are also disadvantages - firstly, obsessive Turkish service at inflated prices, and secondly, none of the staff does not know Russian.

1. Sapphire 3 *

Hotel rating: 4,85

The first place in the top 5 of the best inexpensive hotels in Turkey is the hotel, conveniently located within walking distance of the museums and major historical monuments of Istanbul. Beautiful modern rooms, there is free internet, air conditioning, coffee-tea. In Sapphire there is a free pool and jacuzzi. Ample breakfasts are pleasing in variety.

Top 5 best hotels in Turkey 4 stars 2017 - price / quality

5. Monachus Hotel &Spa 4 *

Hotel Rating: 4.86

Located a short distance from the resort town of Colakli. The sandy beach is located at a distance of 150-200 meters from the hotel. In territory there is a salon for games, pools and a sauna-sauna. Additional plus: the availability of several rooms for people with disabilities with all the necessary equipment. The censure of tourists was mainly caused by food - it is not always pleasing with variety and freshness.

4. Orient Express 4 *

Hotel rating: 4,9

Modern Istanbul city hotel with comfortable rooms, equipped with air conditioning, internet and 24-hour service. Breakfast is buffet style, quite diverse and plentiful, lunch and dinner on the a'la carte system in a restaurant with good food. There is a swimming pool. Transfer to the airport is free.

3. Monte Baia 4 *

Hotel Rating: 4.9

A rare tourist from Russia travels to Turkey for the sake of winter beauty, however Monte Baia is an excellent option for those wishing to ride along the snowy slopes with a breeze. The only ski resort in the list is located in the second zone of the resort Uludag. If skating due to weather conditions may not be as successful as we would like, then the sauna and spa complex are beyond praise. An excellent option for those who just get up on skis or want to teach children - the trails are small and light, the hotel will provide the necessary equipment for hire, and the instructors will always help and teach.

2. Kleopatra Ramira Hotel 4 *

Hotel rating: 4,94

The hotel is located in a residential area in the center of Alanya. All inclusive meals are excellent, varied and abundant. Although the hotel is on the third line, but regularly produces a free shuttle to the beach and back.

1. Gardenia Beach 4 *

Hotel rating: 4,95

The country hotel is located right next to the sea, 30 km from Alanya. Although the territory of the institution is small, but green, cozy and quiet. In several buildings of different number of floors rooms for every taste with round the clock service, equipped with everything you need. The beach is excellent, sandy, the entrance to the sea is flat. The only drawback - the hotel is focused on the German audience, so the ads in German, and Russian-speaking and even English-speaking are not so many. There is no adult entertainment in the hotel, but for some it's rather a plus, not a minus.

Top 5 best hotels in Turkey 5 stars 2017 - top of service

5. Ciragan-Kempinski 5 *

Hotel rating: 4,93

Located in the central area of ​​Istanbul in a building that once belonged to the Istanbul sultans. Service and food in the hotels of the Kempinski network are at a high level. The design of the rooms is old-fashioned, but the rooms themselves are very spacious and clean, and the windows offer a beautiful view of the Bosphorus.

4. Adalya Elite Lara 5 *

Hotel rating: 4,95

A good hotel for families with children in the resort town of Antalya, just 15 km from the airport. Hotel hotel, rooms for every taste - from standard to suite with a huge bed and a view of the sea. Infrastructure is standard for a five-star hotel - there is a spa, swimming pools, a sauna, a gym and so on. A variety of generous meals almost around the clock.

3. Barut Sorgun Sensatori 5 *

Hotel rating: 4,96

The hotel is located next to the old city of Side, founded in ancient times( Antalya province).It is built in a small resort town of Sorgun, very near the sea, on the first line. The rooms have everything you need, from a safe, mini-bar and household appliances to a bathrobe and slippers. The hotel has several restaurants, there are facilities for different sports, swimming pools, a spa and entertainment for children. However, a person who does not know English will be difficult there - both the animators and the staff do not speak Russian.

2. Akka Residence 5 *

Hotel rating: 4,98

The hotel Akka Residence is located in the beloved Russian tourist of the province of Antalya. The hotel is the second line, however it has its own beach, equipped with everything necessary and even beyond that. Accommodation in villas, each of which has its own garden, swimming pool, jacuzzi and kitchen, equipped with the latest technology. But why prepare yourself, if the food in the hotel is excellent, and the friendly and well-trained staff is ready to fulfill any wish. An excellent option for lovers of a quiet, secluded holiday. By the way, it's better to reserve seats on the hotel's website, there are often quite good discounts there.

1. D - Hotel Maris 5 *

Hotel Rating: 5

And on the first place in the list of the best hotels in Turkey is a hotel near the city of Marmaris, in the south-west of Turkey. The huge territory of the hotel, entirely occupied by the mountain on the coast and the bay below it, is very beautiful and remarkably planned for recreation - from the sports beach, where you can go sailing, to the open theater. The audience is very pleasant and calm, mostly there are Germans and English rest( although at the reception there is a Russian-speaking staff).All those who visited there in complete ecstasy and a rare case - the hotel does not have any negative feedback.