Rating of the most popular second-hand crossovers and SUVs in Russia

The analytical agency "AUTOSTAT" presented a study of the Russian secondary market of cars. Experts have studied sales of crossovers and SUVs with mileage and determined which models are most popular among domestic car owners.

Introducing top-5 of the most popular used cars among SUVs and crossover 2016.

5. Land Cruiser Prado

  • 4. Toyota Land Cruiser
  • 3. Toyota RAV4
  • 2. Chevrolet Niva
  • 1. LADA 4 × 4
  • 5. Land Cruiser Prado

    The volume of the market for 10 months is 25,6 thousand.copies.

    According to the owners, this off-road vehicle is like a Russian "UAZ", only without Russian defects in the form of poor-quality assembly. You can exploit "in the tail and in the mane" and change only the consumables. And then sell in the secondary market, to dig and buy a new Land Cruiser Prado.

    Disadvantages: fuel consumption, about 20 liters with a 4 liter engine. And this car is one of the most stolen in Russia.

    4. Toyota Land Cruiser

    The volume of the market for 10 months - 27 thousand copies.

    Another Japanese SUV that combines massiveness with reliability, high throughput with comfortable driving, quality with durability. The Japanese do not make cars "just to go."Their offspring should "ride and ride", and then ride a little more, so that the children of the car owner will pass the car to their children. The engine starts in any frost, there is climate control, the salon is covered with leather, there is a heating of the rear seats, and sound control will warn in time about the non-fastened seat belt. The machine, as they say, "for people."

    Less: in the city will take from 20 to 23 liters of fuel per 100 km, on the road - from 13 to 15.5 liters.

    3. Toyota RAV4

    The volume of the market for 10 months - 31,4 thousand copies.

    And again in the ranking of the best-selling second-hand SUVs and crossovers there is a product of the Japanese automotive industry. At a speed of up to 140 km the crossover behaves very confidently, with a higher one it is better not to "wag" on the road. Suspension is reliable, but harsh. The interior finish material is scratch resistant, which will be appreciated by those who carry children or animals. Ride comfortably even for long distances, at least on the driver's seat, even on the passenger seat. On a diesel engine, fuel consumption on urban roads is about 8 liters, and on the highway - 6 liters.

    Disadvantages: the trunk is small, but it can be "enlarged" if you remove the rear seats.

    2. Chevrolet Niva

    The volume of the market for 10 months - 55 thousand copies.

    Beautiful, convenient and easy-to-maintain SUV with excellent visibility and good roadability on mountain roads, ice tracks and ravines. In the back seat can accommodate 4 people, without feeling a herring in the bank.

    Disadvantages: noise and vibration transmission, the engine is low-power and prone to overheating. Accelerates slowly, but it is difficult to expect from a massive SUV great fun.

    1. LADA 4 × 4

    The volume of the market for 10 months - 80,8 thousand copies.

    The leader of the top-5 best selling SUV with a run of 2016 is loved by Russian motorists for several reasons. These include: high landing, permeability, low( in comparison with other participants in the secondary market) price, availability of spare parts, high ground clearance( 205 mm), ease of repair. Large hills, snow-covered trails, a primer - "Lada" 4 × 4 will overcome everything.

    Cons: , most owners note the great "gluttony" of the car( from 12 liters and above), corrosion, poor sound insulation.

    In comparison with the period "January-October 2015", the volume of the secondary market of crossovers and SUVs in Russia increased by 15%.Apparently, in the crisis, more and more Russian citizens save on new cars, preferring to buy even second hand, but time-tested and Russian off-road brands.