Deposits for 1 month( 31 days) at a high interest in Moscow banks for 2014

This rating presents deposits for 1 month in Moscow banks at the highest interest( from 9% to 10.7% per annum) and fall under the law on deposit insurance( ie with a minimum amount of less than 700 thousand rubles).

8th place: Deposit "Multicurrency" - Baltika Bank. The deposit opens simultaneously in three currencies - rubles, US dollars and euro. The minimum period is 1 month. The minimum amount is 3 thousand rubles( 9.4% per annum), 100 dollars( 3.4%), 100 euros( 3.4%).

7th place: Deposit "Profitable interest Plus" - Eurasian Investment Bank. The interest rate for a period of one month and the amount of 450 thousand rubles is 9.5% per annum.

6th place: Deposit "Guarantee-Online" - Rosenergobank. The deposit can be opened only through the Internet bank EnergoContact and only in three cities: Moscow, Yaroslavl and Voronezh. The minimum amount is 5 thousand rubles. The interest rate for the month is 9.5% per annum. For those with whom 1 month is too long, Rosenergobank proposes to open this deposit for one, two or three weeks. The interest rate will be 7% for a period of 7 days, 8% for 14 days and 8.5% for 21 days.

5th place: Ivy Plus - Ivey Bank.9.6 percent per annum with a period of 1 month( 31 days) and an amount of 10 thousand rubles.

4th place: "Mobile" contribution - Bank of Voronezh. Despite its name, this bank is also in Moscow and offers Muscovites a large percentage of the deposit for 1 month - 10% per annum. The minimum amount is 50 thousand rubles. With such a percentage and with such a monthly amount, the income will be 424.5 rubles.

3rd place: Deposit "Non-combustible percentage plus" - Interkommerts Bank. This deposit is opened for a year at a rate of 10 percent per annum, but the entire amount of the deposit can be collected as early as 31 days without losing accrued interest( the interest on the deposit is accrued on a monthly basis).The minimum deposit amount is 10 thousand rubles.

2 nd place: Contribution "Freedom of choice!"- BKF Bank( Corporate Finance Bank).10.01% per annum for 31 days with an amount of 25 thousand rubles.

1 st place: "tVlad" - 2T Bank. This bank offers the largest percentage of deposits for 31 days in Moscow - 10.7% with a minimum amount of 10 thousand rubles. If the deposit amount is less than 10 thousand rubles, and the period is less than 31 days, the interest rate will be 10% per annum.