The most terrible horror films, list 2015-2016

How to tickle your nerves, while remaining in complete safety? Watch a horror movie. It is possible in the company that someone should retell what is happening on the screen while you close your eyes from fear.

For your entertainment and raising the level of adrenaline in the blood we present the the most terrible horror films of the year 2016 .The list is based on the ratings of users of the popular Kinopoisk service.


  • 10. "Doll"( 2016)
  • 9. "Visit"( 2015)
  • 8. "Deadly orgasm"( 2015)
  • 7. "Silence"( 2016)
  • 6. "Scary stories"( 2015)
  • 5. "Somnias"( 2016)
  • 4. "The Witch"( 2015)
  • 3. "The Bony Tomahawk"( 2015)
  • 2. "Crimson peak"( 2015)
  • 1. Cloverfield, 10( 2016)

10."Doll"( 2016)

The old house, its suspicious inmates( an English family), a positive nanny and a Brahms doll, for which they look after as if they were a living child. What will come of all this? Good, interesting horror. The atmosphere thickens gradually, not hurrying the viewer, but forcing him to delve deeper into what is happening. A sudden turn of the plot leads to thoughts about "Kukle-2".

The picture turned out really worthy and it will probably be included in the list of the most horrible horror films of all time.

9. "Visit"( 2015)

You can love the movies of Knight Shyamalan, you can scold them, but they can not take away two things - insanities and unpredictable plot development.

The story "Visits" is simple: a brother and sister decide to visit their grandfather and grandmother, who have never been seen. Sister wants to become a director and intends not only to relax in the circle of relatives, but also to shoot a documentary.

8. "Deadly orgasm"( 2015)

Do not expect that the picture with this name will manage you qualitatively and for a long time to scare. It is a comedy of horrors with excellent humor and heavy music.

Brodie, a guy from an unhappy family, is fond of black music and, together with a friend, organizes the group "Deadly orgasm".Children randomly perform an ancient ritual anthem, as a result of which the creation of the Underworld breaks into the world.

7. "Silence"( 2016)

A deaf woman who lives in a house in a forest becomes an object of persecution of a psychopath. Let this tape - not the most terrible horror film in the world and does not bribe with the originality of the plot, but this is a bloody and brutal thriller, forcing the viewer to fidget in the chair and wondering if the rabbit-victim will kill the boa constrictor, or it will be eaten for lunch.

6. "Scary Tales"( 2015)

The top 10 of the worst horror films continues with three comical and tragic story stories, generously flavored with a Gothic atmosphere, magic and philosophy. The King of Lonely Cliff, who does not miss a single girl's skirt, falls in love with a girl with a wonderful voice, and she turns into an ugly old woman. The ruler of the Valley of the Mists goes to look for the dragon, because his queen can only become pregnant after having tasted the dragon's heart. The King of the Wild Mountains cares for a giant vile flea, and his own daughter, without shedding tears, gives his wife a mountain ogre. And to each hero, Destiny will reward by merit.

5. "Somniya"( 2016)

Sometimes you really want sleep to become a reality. And little Cody dreams come alive every night. And his adoptive parents will have to face both beautiful and terrible dreams of the boy.

4. "The Witch"( 2015)

Evil wizards are frequent guests in horror films. The list of the most terrible horror stories was supplemented by another story about the owners of the witch forest.

According to the plot, the family of colonists goes to a secluded farm in New England. But soon they have lost their youngest child.

The picture is really scary, partly because of the gloomy musical accompaniment, and the actors play what they call "with a soul."

3. Bone Tomahawk( 2015)

Western about the Indian-cannibals and brave conquerors of the Wild West. Here, as in Tarantino's films, there are many interesting dialogues( much more than an action).Fans of blood and gunfights will surely like the finale of the film.

2. "Crimson Peak"( 2015)

The director of the tape is Guillermo del Toro. This means that the audience is not only interesting, but also very beautiful( in terms of costumes and scenery) and atmospheric horror film. And he does not scare the abundance of severed limbs and scary monsters, but how dark and vicious the human nature can be.

1. Cloverfield, 10( 2016)

Is it possible to say that this is the worst horror film of 2016?Let the readers themselves answer this question after viewing. But this is exactly one of the most intense thrillers of 2016.At least because until the end of the film the audience will not be given an answer to the question: the protagonist is a savior or a maniac psychopath who holds two people in a bunker and claims that it is impossible to survive beyond it.