The most anticipated films of 2017

The list of novelties in the movie of 2017 promises to be one of the most "viable" in the history of cinema. Just watch the trailers for the most anticipated movies of 2017 and realize that you will not have to miss the TV in 2017.This top is made taking into account the date of the release of films in Russia, the number of votes and the rating of the expectations of users of the popular portal about the films.


  • The most anticipated films of the winter of 2017
    • 5. "Assassin's Creed"
    • 4. "Nightlife"
    • 3. "Three X's: world domination"
    • 2. "Resident Evil 6"
    • 1. "Dark Tower"
  • The most anticipated films of the spring of 2017
    • 5. Logan "Wolverine 3"
    • 4. "Way to glory"
    • 3. "Fast and the Furious 8"
    • 2. "Guardians of the Galaxy 2"
    • 1. "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men do not tell tales"
  • The most anticipated films of the summer of 2017
    • 5. "Wonder Woman"
    • 4. "Kingsman 2"
    • 3. "Transformers 5"
    • 2. "Spiderman"
    • 1. "Alien: Testament"
  • The most anticipated films of autumn of 2017
    • 5. "It"
    • 4. "Blade Runner 2"
    • 3. "Thor: Ragnarok"
    • 2. "Justice League. Part 1".
    • 1. "Star Wars. Episode 8 ».

The most anticipated films of the winter of 2017

5. "Assassin's Creed"

Premiere - January 5.

If you played the computer game Assassin's Creed, then, probably, look forward to the release of the film based on its motives. Modest bartender Callum Lynch was captured by a large corporation and placed in a car called "Animus".With his help, he was able to survive the memories of his ancestors, most of whom were assassins and, having gained new knowledge, to fight the Templar order existing in our day.

4. "Nightlife"

Premiere - January 12.

Criminal drama about America of times of the dry law, the son of a policeman, who earns a bit of bootlegging, and then "makes a career" to a famous gangster. Given that the producers of the film are Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck( who is also involved in the role of the protagonist) and Jennifer Davisson Killoran, the movie should look good.

3. "Three X's: world domination"

Premiere - January 19.

Extreme Xander Kage, who was considered dead, returns to the secret service to save the world from the "Pandora's box".This weapon of incredible power. And behind it the syndicate of world criminals hunts, which is headed by the alpha warrior Xiang.

2. "Resident Evil 6"

Premiere - January 26.

If Alice did not exist, the world would not have any hope of salvation. She will return to Raccoon City and disrupt the plans of the corporation "Umbrella", which intends to inflict the last blow on the survivors. Perhaps this is the last part of the franchise. It all depends on the box office in the US.

1. "Dark Tower"

Premiere - on February 23.

The list of expected films in February 2017 is headed by the film adaptation of the eponymous series of books by Stephen King. In the role of the protagonist is the shooter Roland Deskeyin( Idris Elba), who wanders around the post-apocalyptic world in search of a stronghold of the universe - the Dark Tower. Climbing to its upper floor, he learns who manages the Universe and, perhaps, will restore order in the world. Not all fans of the "Dark Tower" favorably accepted the fact that Roland's role was given to Idris Elbe, because Roland, as depicted in Stephen King's novels, is white.

The most anticipated films of the spring of 2017

5. Logan "Wolverine 3"

Premiere - March 2.

The expected novelties of the films of 2017 included the latest story about Wolverine with Hugo Jackman. Logan has aged and is no longer as fast and cute as before. However, in the fight against the sworn enemy, he will have to remember the combat "youth" in order to get a chance to save loved ones.

4. "The Way to Glory"

Premiere - March 2.

Did you hear the singing of gorillas and hedgehogs? Did you see pigs dancing? If not, then find out by watching this family cartoon about a koala named Buster. Together with his best friend, he organizes a musical battle.

3. "Fast and Furious 8"

Premiere - April 13.

Trailers of the expected films are unlikely to say something about the eighth part of "Fast and the Furious" something new. Many beautiful cars, lots of pathos and action, a lot of Dominique Toretto. All that franchise fans like. And, of course, Duane "Rock" Johnson will return as Hobbs, who finally stopped pursuing Toretto and joined his team.

2. "Guardians of the Galaxy 2"

Premiere - May 4.

The second part of the adventures of crazy defenders of the universe. This time the team led by Peter Qwill will have to uncover the secret of the true origin of the Star Lord. And, admit, you missed the Jet Raccoon?

1. "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men do not tell tales"

Premiere - May 25.

Luck seems to have changed Captain Jack Sparrow. Behind him, the old enemy, Captain Salazar, who is commanded by ghostly pirates, began to hunt. To save Jack can only an artifact of great strength - the trident of Poseidon. This thing grants its master full control over the seas.

The most anticipated films of the summer of 2017

5. "Wonder Woman"

Premiere - June 1.

We've already seen Diana, the unbeatable princess of the Amazons in the movie "Batman vs. Superman."And now her image will be fully revealed in the new film. And it's very good, considering that the "autonomous adventure" Wonder Woman is likely to be associated with another anticipated DC film that will be released in September.

4. "Kingsman 2"

Premiere - June 15.

Agents of the secret organization Kingsman Eggsie and Merlin carry out a mission that led them to the United States. There they will have to work side by side with a secret organization known as Statesmen.

3. "Transformers 5"

Premiere - June 22.

The fifth film of the franchise, booed by many critics, and despite this, enjoying stable popularity with viewers. Faced with a new threat, Optimus Prime leaves Earth. He will have to find new allies, and the remaining Autobots must prevent Galvatron from building a space bridge.

2. "Spider-Man"

The premiere - on July 6.

Young Peter Parker, a Spider-Man( Tom Holland), whose sensational debut took place in "Captain America: Civil War", begins his career as a superhero.

1. "Alien: Testament"

The premiere - on August 3.

The list with the dates of August movies is small. More precisely, it only has one date. However, this is more than offset by the popularity of the "Alien" franchise.

The crew of the ship "Testament" discovers on the far side of the galaxy a planet, which, according to their calculations, is an unexplored "Paradise".However, the only inhabitant of this dark and insecure world is android David, who survived the expedition "Prometheus".

The most anticipated films of the autumn of 2017

5. "It"

Premiere - September 7.

Adapting the novel "It" by Stephen King. A terrible creature that exploits the fears and phobias of its victims hunts young children. It appears as a clown in order to quickly lure its future prey. Trailers in Russian are better to look separately from impressionable people.

4. "Blade Runner 2"

The premiere is on the 5th of October.

The first film "Blade Runner" was nominated for two Academy Awards( best visual effects and Best Artist's work) and is now regarded as one of the greatest films of all time and as defining the vision of the cyberpunk genre. We will soon find out whether the second part( and it is based on Philip K. Dick's book "Are the Androids Electro-Scientists Cut") will be repeated the first one.

3. "Thor: Ragnarok"

Premiere - November 2.

Thor returns to Asgard when his kingdom is threatened by Ragnarok, the Scandinavian version of the apocalypse.

2. "Justice League. Part 1".

Premiere - November 16.

After "Man of Steel" and "Batman vs. Superman" director Zack Snyder will present the "League of Justice", which will bring together the best of the best superhero DC Comics. It is expected that Henry Cavill will return as Superman, joined by Ben Affleck( Batman), Gal Gadot( Miracle Woman) and Ray Fisher( Cyborg).Heroes have to save the world from Darkseid, who is able to destroy an entire galaxy.

1. "Star Wars. Episode 8 ».

Released on December 14.

Completes the list of the most anticipated premieres of the eighth part of the cult cosmopolitan. Its action will begin from the moment on which "Star wars: the awakening of the Force" ended.

Mark Hamill( Luke Skywalker) assured fans that his character has an important role in the upcoming sequel, he will have many dialogues and they will be as memorable as his famous lines from the original trilogy.