Top 10 best zombie movies, a list of all times

Live dead, obsessed with only two desires - to catch up and devour a man, frighten us from the TV screens for many years. The first zombie movie called "White Zombie" appeared in 1932.And since then many horrible, disgusting, and sometimes ridiculous films have already appeared about the lovers of the still not cooled human. We present to you the best films about zombies of 2000-2017 years , selected according to the highest ratings on Film Search. Just do not forget to remove the children and particularly impressionable adults from the screen.


  • 10. Resident Evil: The Last Chapter( 2016)
  • 9. War of the Worlds Z( 2013)
  • 8. Report( 2007)
  • 7. 28 Weeks Later( 2007)
  • 6. Dawn of the Dead( 2004)
  • 5.Zombie by the name of Shawn( 2004)
  • 4. Welcome to Zombieland
  • 3. 28 days later( 2002)
  • 2. Resident Evil( 2002)
  • 1. I am a legend( 2007)

10. Resident Evil: The Last Chapter( 2016))

Rating - 5.5

Opens our rating novelty of 2016 - the last part of the so beloved viewers of the franchise with the magnificent Milla Jovovich. Its events take place in the same place as the events of the first part - in Raccoon City. There, the sinister corporation "Umbrella" is preparing to strike the last blow to those who managed to survive in the zombie apocalypse. Alice will have to gather a company of like-minded people and fight not only with ordinary living dead, but also with monsters with a very interesting "design."There will be a lot of good special effects and incredible technology, a lot of furious fights and, of course, a lot of Milla. And for whose sake do we still see the "Resident Evil"?

9. War of the Worlds Z( 2013)

Rating - 6.9

The ninth place in the top 10 zombie films is the story for which Brad Pitt's studio and her partners from Paramount and Leonardo diCaprio and Appian StudioWay. Won in the end, Pitt, he also played the main role in the film. According to the plot, the protagonist - UN staff member Jerry Lane - is looking for an opportunity to stop a massive infection that turns people into zombies. The accolades of the audience were honored with an actor's play( Brad Pitt will not have a hitch, and other actors have not disappointed), music, special effects, and the appearance of zombies.

8. Reportage( 2007)

Rating - 7

Make a hot report - the dream of the TV journalist Angela Vidal. Together with a group of rescuers, she is in a large apartment building, whose residents are stricken by a terrible virus. At first the girl recklessly takes up work, not suspecting that she and the rescuers were in the real hell and get out of it, perhaps, it will not be possible.

7. 28 weeks later( 2007)

Rating - 7

This is the continuation of another zombie movie( in the list of the best the first part is on the 3rd place, with a higher rating than the sequel).The rage virus ravaged London, but the military managed to restore order and the city began to return to a quiet life. Or it just seems. ..

6. Dawn of the Dead( 2004)

Rating - 7.3

Director Zack Snyder took this picture on the story of an older but very popular horror film of the same name. The plot is typical for zombie movies: the bloodthirsty dead swarmed all around and only a small group of survivors trying to keep the defense in the building of a large shopping center. In "The Dawn of the Dead," not so much zombies are as interesting as the relationship between people caught in a deadly trap and without anything seemingly anything in common except a sense of panic.

5. Zombie named Shawn( 2004)

Rating - 7.4

Is it possible to shoot a successful romantic comedy about zombies? This film proves that you can. Prepare for a strange, but funny English humor mixed with tragedy.

The protagonist is a quiet loser Sean lives the routine life of a house-work-pub. However, in his life dramatic changes begin when, as a result of the epidemic, the corpses not only became alive, but also roamed the streets of the city in search of victims. Sean and his friends go out to fight the zombies to protect themselves and their loved ones.

4. Welcome to Zombieland

Rating - 7.4

Another story in the style of "few people and lots of zombies in a limited space."But if the "Dawn of the Dead" survivors hid in the mall, then in Zombiende as an arena of fighting with walking dead is an amusement park. And the entertainment will really be, true for the audience, who like gay dialogues, infernal massacre, and a little Bill Murray.

3. 28 days later( 2002)

Rating - 7.5

The road to Hell is well-intentioned. This proverb was forgotten by a group of "green", who released a monkey, languishing in a secret scientific laboratory. The animal was infected with a virus of aggression, which is transmitted by a bite and spreads through the body in seconds. As a result of the spread of the epidemic, all of England is flooded with very agile and very spiteful monsters. And only a few surviving citizens together with a group of military men try to hide from the zombies in an abandoned house.

2. Resident Evil( 2002)

Rating - 7.8

In the list of the best movies about the zombie apocalypse there are popular pictures. But the "Resident Evil" without exaggeration can be called a cult ribbon. With a budget of $ 35 million, the film grossed $ 102,441,078 in the worldwide box office. And Alice, who played Milla Jovovich, for a long time became the ideal of a strong and independent heroine, who, though not without difficulties, but gracefully and effectively copes with the hordes of living dead.

In the center of the plot - a giant underground laboratory, owned by the corporation "Umbrella".It is a leak of the virus, because of which people become carnivorous creatures. A group of special forces is sent to the laboratory, and finds three survivors. One of them is the girl Alice, who does not remember anything about herself. The situation is complicated by the fact that in addition to zombies, special forces resist artificial intelligence, the task of which is not to let the infection out into the city, under which the laboratory is located.

1. I am a legend( 2007)

Rating - 7.8

The hero of the film is Dr. Robert Neville( Will Smith), who at night keeps the defense of countless zombies, and in the daytime he looks for a medicine capable of returning infected human form and habits."I'm a legend" is not just a horror film, it's an interesting and rather heavy movie showing amazing landscapes of the world without people and the immense loneliness of one person who communicates only with his dog, and sometimes with mannequins from a music store.