Top 10 ways to deal with allergies

Allergies spoil the lives of millions of people around the world. And if the response to any food can be controlled by adjusting your own menu, then it's much more difficult to cope with pollen allergy.

And since the pollinosis season is in full swing, we propose to study the top 10 ways to combat the allergy .


  • 10. Cleansing the body
  • 9. Elimination of stress
  • 8. Antihistamines
  • 7. Homeopathy
  • 6. Exclusion of contact
  • 5. Mumiye
  • 4. Folk methods
  • 3. Nasal wash
  • 2. Abundant drink
  • 1. Strengthening the immunity

10. Cleansing the body

Very often the cause of allergic reactions is slagging the body. Therefore, people with allergies, it is very important to maintain the normal gastrointestinal tract, and in the period of exacerbation, for example, at the time of flowering ragweed, take sorbents( polysorbent, filter, enterosgel).

9. Elimination of stress

During nervous or physical exhaustion, the body reacts much more strongly to allergens. Therefore, in the acute period, it is so important to get enough sleep, to be less nervous and to avoid strong unrest.

8. Antihistamines

A fascination with medicines for allergies can play a cruel joke, in addition to removing puffiness, itching, runny nose, these drugs depress the natural protective reactions of any organism, as well as those processes that can not go without histamine, for example, neuroregulation and digestion.

7. Homeopathy

In homeopathy from allergies, there are really effective treatments. However, like any homoeopathic drug, such a medicine will require a long reception, correction of the regime and diet, and also cause an exacerbation in the first half of the treatment.

6. Exclusion of contact

The easiest way to completely get rid of allergies is to avoid contact with the allergen. Therefore, when it is pollinous, it is so important to determine the source of the negative reaction. And the next vacation is planned, for example, at the peak of the flowering of cereal or ragweed.

5. Mumiye

It is believed that taking a 0.1-percent solution of mummy helps to get rid of symptoms such as lacrimation and stuffy nose during the allergy period. The solution is enough to take once a day for 20-25 days.

4. Folk methods

In folk medicine, a wide popularity is enjoyed by phytotherapy from allergies. However, not all herbs can be used for hay fever. The most effective and safe is a decoction of dried Kalina at the rate of 2 tsp.and a half cup of hot water. The broth is taken during the exacerbation by a tablespoon up to 4 times a day.

3. Nasal flushing

When pollinosis it is very important to clean sensitive mucous membranes from pollen, dust and other irritating elements. Therefore, washing the nose and rinsing the throat with saline several times a day can significantly reduce the manifestation of allergies.

2. Abundant drink

Any allergic reaction in the body is accompanied by intoxication. To remove toxins, you need to consume a sufficient amount of liquid. Thus, you can reduce such unpleasant symptoms as a headache, as well as a constant feeling of fatigue.

1. Strengthening the immunity of

The presence of allergic reactions is evidence of an abnormal immune system. Therefore, work on strengthening immunity will allow you to forget about unpleasant symptoms for a long time. To some it will seem unexpected, but sport, healthy food and hardening - are the most effective ways to combat the allergy of .