Rating of plastic surgery clinics

Many people use the services of plastic surgeons to correct deficiencies in appearance, and to correct age-related changes, prolonging youth and regaining self-confidence.

The rating of plastic surgery clinics includes ten best private institutions in Russia according to the RuPlastika Internet portal, which collected reviews from real patients.


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The clinic of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine of Dr. Yusupov "US Clinic" is locatedin the Western District of Moscow. In the state - famous doctors, professors, leading specialists in the field of professional cosmetology, microsurgical, reconstructive, aesthetic and plastic surgery.


Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine Klem Clinic has been working in Moscow since 2001 under the direction of Marenich Vladimir Fedorovich, a surgeon with 25 years of experience. Twice the clinic became the laureate of the contest "Thousand of the best enterprises of Russia".


Clinic of plastic surgery and cosmetology "Doctor Grishkian".The plastic surgeon in the clinic works in close tandem with a dermatocosmetologist, phlebologist, nutritionist, psychologist, mammologist and otolaryngologist. Such an integrated approach guarantees high quality of work.


The clinic of aesthetic medicine "Ottimo" started its activity in Moscow in 2005.In the staff of the clinic, the leading surgeons, doctors of medical sciences, are members of the Society of Plastic Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery. The main directions of plastic surgery: rhinoplasty, endoprosthetics of the breast, face plastic.


The Aesthetic Clinic of the European Medical Center( EMC) works in Moscow under the direction of Sergey Levin, MD.Dr. Levin is a sought-after surgeon in Paris, London and Geneva, occupies the highest positions in the ratings of plastic surgeons.


The clinic of plastic surgery and cosmetology "San Lazar" is one of the oldest private clinics of plastic surgery in the capital. The specialists of the clinic conducted master classes at the international congress in Moscow on photoepilation and photorejuvenation. The specialization of the clinic is reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery.


The group of clinics "MediEstetik" was founded in St. Petersburg in 2000.Its branches in Sochi and Tbilisi operate. Among the services of "MediEsthetik" - dentistry, cosmetology, plastic surgery, medical diagnostics, as well as such areas as hair treatment and transplantation, osteopathy.


The Clinic Beauty Medical Clinic is one of the top three clinics of plastic surgery and offers patients such services as rhinoplasty, lipomodeling, liposuction, mammoplasty, face lifting, otoplasty, laser surgery, blepharoplasty, hair transplantation.


The medical diagnostic center of Medionika has two departments: medical and cosmetology. In the arsenal of the leading plastic surgeon Buroi Anatoly Vladimirovich mammoplasty, rhinoplasty, correction of age-related changes in the contour of the face, restoration of defects in bones and facial tissues.


The best clinic of plastic surgery "Estet Clinic" was opened in Moscow in 2006 on the basis of TsKB number 2 them. Semashko. A distinctive feature is the presence of a department of resuscitation-anesthesiology, in which the doctors-anaesthesiologists with 25 years of experience. The chief doctor is the winner of the "Grace" award as "The best plastic surgeon for liposuction".

An unhurried and serious approach to choosing a clinic and a doctor allows you to reduce possible risks and ultimately get exactly the result that the patient expects. Our rating of plastic surgery clinics is designed to help potential customers determine the choice.