Rating of the most harmful to health products

Specialists of the Independent Association of Buyers( NAP RF) ranked the most harmful food products. The basis was taken only those products, the regular use of which provokes cardiovascular, oncological, gastrointestinal diseases and diabetes mellitus.


  • 1 place - "the most harmful food product"
  • 2 place
  • 3 place
  • 4 place
  • 5 place
  • 6 place
  • 7 place

1 place - "the most harmful food product"

Chips and "street" fast food. The very technology of making chips( hydrogenation of vegetable oil) leads to the formation of carcinogenic synthetic fats and other carcinogens( acrylamide, benzopyrene).It is carcinogens that provoke the appearance of cancer. Thus, all street fastfood: khachapuri, french fries, etc., products that train on "chip" technology( in boiling vegetable oil, used many times) represent an increased danger to the human body.

2 place

Lemonade. When excess intake of lemonade disrupts metabolism( excess sugar), synthetic dyes often cause allergies, and carbon dioxide( bubbles) - increases the acidity of gastric juice, which leads to gastritis.

3 place

Cheap sausages. Most often, they do not contain anything natural and full of dyes, fragrances and other synthetics, the safety of which has not yet been proven for health.

Smoked meat. Smoked meat and fish often accumulate benzopyrene - one of the strongest carcinogens. Ketchup and mayonnaise. Mayonnaises almost always contain carcinogenic synthetic trans fats, and ketchups with starch are synthetic additives, the full safety of which has not yet been proven for human health.

4 place

Vegetables and fruit , polluted by industrial and automobile emissions. In vegetables and fruits grown with the use of nitrates, or collected from industrial companies, roads, etc., concentrate benzopyrene and other carcinogens.

Products with preservatives. Usually, preservatives contain sodium glutamate - a toxic substance for the body that causes pain in the head, vasospasm, metabolic disorders.

5 place

Margarines. Like the chips, margarines usually contain carcinogenic trans-isomers of fatty acids( TIAH).

Confectionery products with a large content of cheap fats and sugar. Regular use of these sweets - the way to metabolic disorders.

Cereals. On whitish bread and other cereals, people often have food intolerance.

6th place

Caffeine stimulants. These include coffee and energy drinks. A safe dose of coffee is 2-3 cups a day( this is about "real" coffee, not "canned" - ed.), Energy drinks can not be drunk daily. Excess daily intake leads to depletion of the nervous system.

Milk. "Natural" milk in packages for sale is simply not available - all produced varieties are "powdered" stage of preparation, later diluted with water, because "milk drink" is the product that can cause food intolerance.

7 place

Home canned food. They often conduct training with a violation of technology, which is why it causes fatal poisoning, for example poisoning with botulinum toxin.

Ice cream. A well-known product often contains synthetic thickeners and flavors that can slow down the metabolism.