Rating of the brightest stars of business, which are less than 30 years old

They are young, active and easily implement new ideas and bold projects, and therefore deserve special attention. This is how the Forbes experts judged, making the rating, which included the brightest stars of business, which are less than 30 years old .

Each of the participants in the list below is the leader in their industry. The winners were identified in 15 nominations, and their names and achievements we bring to your attention.


  • 15. Carter Cleveland
  • 14. Jamiel Larkins
  • 13. Meg Mill
  • 12. Bruno Mars
  • 11. Lucas Daplan
  • 10. Shiz Shahid
  • 9. Palmer Lucky
  • 8. DiVia Nag
  • 7. Nick Borgh
  • 6Nate Levine
  • 5. Trip Adler
  • 4. Brian Wong
  • 3. Evan Spiegel
  • 2. Olivia Wild
  • 1. Maria Sharapova

15. Carter Cleveland

Category - art, age - 27 years.

Cleveland is the author of the Artsy project, which offers access to 85,000 pieces of art from 400 private museums and collections, as well as 1,400 art galleries. By the way, the presented content can not just be admired - about 60% of the items can be bought. Well, the commission will go to the pocket of Carter Cleveland.

14. Jamieil Larkins

Category - industry, age - 29 years.

The company Larkinsa Ascension Air sells general-purpose aircraft. Jamieil started with the sale of aircraft equipment, and today with an annual revenue of $ 8 million became the largest regional distributor for Cirrus Aircraft.

13. Meg Mill

Category - drinks and food, age - 28 years.

Meg is the youngest owner of the brewery in the US.The California brewery Golden Road Brewing has produced 15,000 barrels of beer over the past year. The annual revenue of the company is $ 10 million.

12. Bruno Mars

Category - music, age - 28 years.

Bruno - the first performer in the last ten years under the age of 30, who was entrusted to perform at the break of the American "Superbowl" - the most rating sporting event on the state television. In the asset of Mars 14 nominations for Grammys and 2 platinum albums.

11. Lucas Daplan

Category - finance, age - 22 years.

Daplan operates the innovative service Clinkle, designed to make money transfers using a digital wallet in the smartphone. Investors easily invested $ 30 million in the project.

10. Shiz Shahid

Category - social entrepreneurship, age - 24 years.

Shiza is a co-founder of the Malala Fund. For 2 years of work this human rights organization received $ 400 thousand in grants, including from the famous four benefactors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

9. Palmer Lucky

Category - video games, age - 21 years.

A self-taught engineer developed the Oculus Rift helmet for immersion in virtual reality. The project immediately attracted the attention of investors, who invested in it already $ 91 million. In 2014, a miracle helmet should appear in stores for about $ 300.

8. DiVia Nag

Category - science and health, age - 21 years.

DiVia is the co-founder of Nag Stem Cell Theranostics, which is working to introduce a new technology - induced pluripotent stem cells. The essence of the project, which has already been allocated $ 20 million, is the transformation of human cells into stem cells, from which then organs and tissues will be grown.

7. Nick Borg

Category - education, age - 27 years.

Nick Edmodo's project since 2008 has attracted $ 57 million as an investment. Edmodo is an online platform for students of 210,000 educational institutions, where they share plans, discuss tests, and solve their homework.

6. Nate Levine

Category - politics and law, age - 22 years.

The Nate OpenGov project helps authorities clearly and easily communicate information to voters. The startup cooperates with 50 municipalities and other local governments.

5. Trip Adler

Category - media, age - 29 years.

Trip is the co-founder of Scribd portal, working on the subscription method. For $ 8.99 per month, Scribd user can download e-books from 100,000 permanent libraries without restrictions. The service has 80 million subscribers.

4. Brian Wong

Category - marketing, age - 22 years.

The Wong project is called Kiip. The company is engaged in so-called stimulating advertising. Advertising is used in mobile games and applications and always meets the user's requests. For example, in the application for calculating the calories burned, the advertising of the simulator will be posted, and the inveterate gamer will be offered to buy the coveted artifact, etc.

3. Evan Spiegel

Category - technology, age - 23 years.

Evan owns one of the most successful startups in recent years - the mobile Snapchat application. Facebook offered to buy Snapchat for $ 3 billion, however, it was strongly denied. Snapchat allows you to share images and videos, which disappear after a few seconds after viewing.

2. Olivia Wilde

Category - entertainment, age - 29 years.

Olivia is the author of the startup Conscious Commerce. In cooperation with well-known brands, the company conducts charitable events, in which funds from the sale of a product line go to good ends.

1. Maria Sharapova

Category - sport, age - 26 years.

For the time of the Sochi Olympics Maria will become the face of the American television channel NBC.In addition, Maria is actively earning on advertising contracts, and also launched the branded candies Sugarpova, which have already brought in more than $ 6 million.