The most reliable banks in Russia 2017, rating Forbes

Forbes published a selection of the most reliable Russian banks in 2017, where a mere mortal can place honestly earned and not be afraid that money will evaporate like dew from a sheet in the morning.

The reliability of the bank was determined by several categories:

  • return on capital( how skillfully the bank places its capital);
  • standard instant liquidity( in a simple way - a guarantee that the bank will not lose everything in one day);
  • capital adequacy( the ratio of bank money to total assets);
  • and the deposits of the population.

We present you the rating of the 11 most reliable Russian banks, where it is safe and profitable to store your deposits.

  • Contents:
    • 11. Alfa Bank
    • 10. Rosselkhozbank
    • 9. Gazprombank
    • 8. VTB
    • 7. Bank of China
    • 6. Intesa Bank
    • 5. Citibank
    • 4. Raiffeisenbank
    • 3. Rosbank
    • 2. Unicredit Bank
    • 1. Sberbank

11. Alfa-Bank

The only non-state commercial bank that has not been included in the top 10 best banks( unless, of course, Cyprus offshore is taken into account).Total assets: 2404.1 billion rubles.

10. Rosselkhozbank

Specialization of Rosselkhozbank - servicing the needs of the country's agriculture. Although the bank's assets amount to 2795.1 billion rubles, other indicators do not look particularly brilliant, especially the profitability of capital, which in 2016 was only 1.5%.

9. Gazprombank

Gazprombank, which entered into the sanctions lists of the United States and Ukraine, continues its activities to service the country's oil industry. Despite the rather large assets( at the beginning of 2017 they are 5054.3 billion rubles), Gazprom is not so easy to get them to work - therefore, the ninth place in the rating.

8. VTB

The semi-state bank VTB( 61% of shares are controlled by the Russian government) is second only to Sberbank in terms of assets: their total amount is 9502.1 billion rubles. But it is not a single asset: VTB is swaying on other positions, especially in terms of instant liquidity, which has worsened by almost a third compared to last year. However, the regulator included him in the 2nd place of the bank's reliability rating according to the Central Bank's data.

7. Bank of China

The oldest bank of the Celestial Empire, founded in 1912, since 1993, is present in Russia in the person of Bank of China. The main specialization of the bank is the servicing of financial flows circulating between Russia and China, but ordinary citizens can also find interesting programs there. Assets: 29.2 billion rubles.

6. Intesa Bank

The roots of Banca Intesa lie in the field of charity - it once began as the "Russian Project Finance Bank" under the wing of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Initially, he focused on issuing loans to large enterprises, but soon changed the course of

to a small business, and then condescended to individuals. Since 2003 it belongs to the Italian corporation Intesa Sanpaolo, one of the largest banking groups in Italy. The number of assets of Banca Intesa is 59.1 billion rubles.

5. Citibank

All voting shares of Citibank are owned by Citigroup, one of of the world's largest financial groups , headquartered in the United States. The Citigroup subsidiary in Russia, Citibank is one of the first foreign swallows to fly into the territory of the former USSR, and feels quite comfortable in Russia. Assets: 442.3 billion rubles.

4. Raiffeisenbank

If the history of the Savings Bank extends a century ago, then Raiffeisenbank outstripped the Russian counterpart for half a century. Even in the middle of the XIX century German peasants organized general cash registers, a kind of insurance in the event of a crop failure or other disasters. Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, and Raiffeisen from the village egg capsule has become the largest banking group in Austria and has expanded its presence in 16 countries of the former Soviet bloc, including Russia. The total assets of Raiffeisenbank: 768.5 billion rubles.

3. Rosbank

The main shareholder of Rosbank is the French bank Societe Generale. The Bank was included in the list of systemically important tens chosen by the Bank of Russia. Assets: 786.5 billion rubles.

2. UniCredit Bank

Unicredit is part of the Italian banking group UniCredit and is the largest Russian bank where the majority of voting shares belongs to foreigners. The total number of assets is 1196.6 billion rubles.

1. Sberbank

has been the largest state bank in the country for the first time in terms of reliability .It is unlikely that in the future it will be possible to shake the positions of the heir of savings banks opened in the 1920s. At the moment, the bank's assets are 22 336.5 billion rubles, far ahead of the rest of the top 11 most reliable Russian credit organizations in 2017.